September 9, 2015

Gothic Lolita Wigs | The Real Truth Revealed


Most of you have been directed here to read the events that lead me to work for Gothic Lolita Wigs (abbr. for Gothic Lolita Wigs) as their newest spokes model, which will be covered here shortly.

For anyone who does not know anything about this wig company, they sell wigs designed for cosplay, lolita, natural and drag queen styles.

Customer Experience With GLW

In all of my online Japanese fashion communities, everyone grew to know the name of GLW when they started to expand their company. Needless to say, I was thrilled to own my first wig of theirs after buying the rose colored Rhapsody wig on Cyber Monday. All in all, it was a pleasant experience! So I looked forward to future opportunities to collect more of their wigs when they'd go on sale.

Since then, they became successful enough to take their muses to conventions and fashion shows which motivated me to step my game up to work with them. In other words, they inspired me!

Fast forward, it's 2015 and I logged into my Facebook to discover a racially insensitive image shared by the Rockstar Wigs Facebook fanpage. A lot of people by now have seen it, but if not click here and it is the first image on the post. I was one of those people who immediately declared I would no longer support GLW again. To say the least, I was repulsed by the lack of consideration of black PoC who supported this company as it has grown into the size it became. I even left a comment stating so on that post because I was so angry for believing in a company that didn't have consideration for their black customers. The post was taken down as it was upsetting their followers, and they attempted to find some kind of appropriate resolution.

As time went on, the trending topic slowly died down and before I knew it, Anime Matsuri 2015 weekend came up. Lo and behold, GLW was present with an elaborate booth. We all naturally gravitated towards the free candy and colorful photo booth they had there, but I didn't have much intention to spend my money while browsing. As we scanned the area and took our selfies, a man with glasses approached me kindly complimenting my look. I thanked him and proceeded to take pictures in front of their photo booth after he encouraged me to do so. In this moment, I had no clue who he was but I just assumed he worked for the company. Little did I know that I was speaking to one of the co-owners, John Reger.

He and I spoke about keeping in contact with each other after I was informed how they were searching for new site models. In my head, I was torn. Part of me said to not even give him the time of day after what the Facebook post revealed about their controversy. The other part of me wanted to have him thoroughly explain the point of the post in hopes that there was a potential misunderstanding. In the end, I accepted his card and shortly after the convention, reached out to him via email.

We spoke and he informed me that he wanted to send me some wigs to try out and take pictures of for the site. Before I gave him confirmation to send the wigs, I asked if I could speak to him about some concerns I had with representing their company. Luckily for me, he made the time to have a conversation with me over the phone soon after that.

John Reger's Explanation

For over an hour, I learned a lot about John, the company, his family, GLW staff, and their values. Did anyone who already knew about GLW also know that their staff consists of predominately PoC? Neither did I. It's actually noticeable on their about us page here. Did you know that their MUA is Marc Harvey? Marc Harvey who is this man here:

September 4, 2015

Sephora Haul | Kat Von D, Makeup Forever, Urban Decay, NARS

Hey cuties! 

It's been a long time since I shopped for some new make up, so I thought about upgrading to a new brand to switch things up a bit for my routine. My friend Audrey raved about the Kat Von D line and Tima also mentioned how she loves her liquid lipsticks. 

While I was on the hunt for some new foundation, I remembered their recommendations and asked one of the associates, Charli, to swatch the foundation on me. 
The Kat Von D's Lock-it foundation in Deep 74 is high coverage and had the perfect golden warm undertone for my skin. She advised me to try mixing it with primer when I was less coverage as well if I didn't want something too heavy. Needless to say, I was sold.
Swatches are at the end of post
I snagged Kat Von D's tattoo liner in Trooper (black) and already am in love with the applicator brush and sustainability it has. Thanks to my girls for suggesting this line to me, because my other liners couldn't stand a chance against this one and I'm trying to dress myself up more for my final semester of college.
Swatches are at the end of post
And finally from her line, I got the everlasting liquid lipstick in the color L.U.V. which is a gorgeous deep berry shade excellent for fall/winter looks. My helper Charli used BITE's lipstick underneath it to show me how well it makes for a gradient lip product so I was all for having this added to my collection at home. All of the packaging looked dark and romantic which I like for a change.

Julep August Birthstone Welcome Box

Happy Friday Lovefys! 

Last month was my 23rd birthday, and I went around searching for nice little freebies I could get for the event. Luckily, I stumbled across a Facebook ad on my feed of Julep giving free boxes of their products on birthdays.
Prior to getting this box, I have only ever used Julep's oxygen nail treatment and strengthener. It worked for me so seeing this made me want to give more of their items a try...and hey, it was a birthday gift from them to me. So why not?
I received my box and saw 4 neatly packaged products inside of my August Brithstone Welcome Box.
Two polishes that both complimented each other quite well initially got my attention. To my understanding, their polishes are formulated with ingredients that allow your nails to breathe. Who knew nails needed to breathe just like our skin? I certainly didn't. 

August 18, 2015

Kawaii Gyaru Shop | Glamorous Cross Lower Lashes

Happy Tuesday everyone! Hope your week is going well! This is my last week of summer before my final semester of college starts next week. I'm actually ready to take it on!

Earlier this summer, I teamed up with the Kawaii Gyaru Shop family and was given the great opportunity to review their services and items from their shop! You all know my roots have been gyaru and while my style has changed a lot, I still will always do my eye make up with a gyaru technique!

They sent me tons of stuff which you can see in my videos below this post. Rarely do I ever review lashes, so I figured I'd start with the pairs they sent me in my Welcome Package. Let me begin by saying these specific pair of lower lashes are currently out of stock, however Steph still has other cute lashes for you to browse through on the site and they will be restocked when they are available on the site I'm sure!

The ones I received came in a cute hot pink package and they were the Glamorous Cross Lower Lashes. They came in two pairs and Stephanie, the owner of KGS, suggested for me to cut them in three sections for a more natural look. I gave it a shot in the pictures below! Tell me what you think!
 Nice right? You can have a closer look at them here.