September 10, 2009

✏Extra curricular activites ✄

Besides the mandatory things I'm involved in like school and my job, I've decided to become more of a well rounded person and be active in THEATER! I have been in theater for a little over 4 years at my high school and yet I still come off as a shy timid person but I wanna switch things up this year and stand out. Who doesn't want to do this during their senior year? I'm going to be involved in two things. A URL competition (it's like a state competition which costs lots of moolah to get in and you have to audition to be apart of it) and my school's theater production of Peter Pan!
I hate to say it but I'm only going to be a pirate. But you bet I'm gunna be the manliest pirate there on that stage! I'll try to get someone to take pics and what not. But anyway, all these extra things that I'm in is going to take up my time. But I'm still going to blog and make vids on my youtube (it's a link for a reason, click it and check it out!) so no worries :] Now I'm gunna skidaddle. Thanks for reading!


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