September 14, 2009

( ̄へ ̄)Freak me senseless❢

Why why WHY do I have to be so bad in math? I just have this extreme suckage and it's killing me that I feel like I'm the only person in my class who doesn't understand what's going on. And it didn't help that I got a really easy question wrong on a test and my teacher, being the outrageously funny comedian he is, was getting on the person who did it while fortunately for me made it annoyomous. I had a hunch that it was probably me because it just sounded like something I would do and I was hoping that it wasn't because he went on and on and ooooooooooooooon about it and the class just kept laughing at the stupid person who got it wrong. He passed back the tests and not only did I fail it but I turned to the question that he was talking about only to see that I was right. I was the tard muffin who wrote the answer wrong in such an embarrassing manner and it just ruined my mood...not that that class doesn't ruin it to begin with but it made it hella worse I tell you. So I no longer look forward to going to that class anymore. Plus the man sweats at 0 degrees celcius for shit's sake so it's always super cold in his class! I can't take it anymore and it's only just begun. I'm feeling really hopeless here (ToT)

Oh and another downer that happened recently was that I was looking for my circle lenses that I bought over the summer to find out that one of them was completely dried out because I'm guessing when I last took them off, I didn't screw the top on all the way and all the solution spilled out of it. 20 dollars gone just like that all because of another careless mistake I did! I don't know what's going on with me. I will be buying another pair but it's gunna be hypersized this time. Ugh I'm just so mad. WTF am I gunna do with one circle lense?

*angrily stomps off fuming*

[[UPDATE: Actually, I just soaked my contacts in some contact solution for a really long time and they ended up going back to normal again so haha nvm!]]

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