September 8, 2009

✿Here's the 411❀

After finally figuring out how to make this blogger site function the way I want it to, it's not so bad. I actually like it way better than LJ for some reason :/ Just not sure how many people that I know are on here or will even be aware of my blog. But I really just want to do this thing where I put all my thoughts down in one spot so because it really does make you feel better in some funny way. So let's get down to buznass! It's already September which means summer's gone and I am absolutely dreading my classes already. Well, not so much the classes, just the work. I can honestly say I love all of my classes because all of my friends are in there thank goodness but the work mainly is what's making me loose my mind. Here's a graphic for your viewing pleasure (there will be lots of these in the future of my blogging life just fyi ^^):
Sry for the bad quality. Eh it's late and I kinda didn't put a crap load of effort into this. Meh. Sooooo besides school killing my brain cells, or at least that's what it sometimes feels like, I'm officially 17 and it seems...boring. Maybe because I haven't done anything worth while just yet. Maybe because I'm taking centuries to take a huge risk for once in my life...I have a list of things that I wanna do but I haven't since I'm too much of a punk to do em. Get added piercings on my ears. Go to an amazing concert of one of my favorite artists (not one from a con -___-"). Go clubbing even if I have to sneak'd be more of an adrenaline rush and I'm all for those! And experiment with my orientation. Yeah when I say that I mean try getting with a girl that is willing to help me with my...uhm...experimenting? :) I don't feel like homosexuality is a bad thing so I don't think I should feel flustered for writing this unlike tons of other people normally would sadly. Anyway now I'm just ranting again. You just wanna see my pwehsents!

I haven't used the Hot Topic gift card yet but I shall when they have some more stuff I like. I really wasn't expecting much this year but I guess I was wrong. Oh I left out a pic of eyeliner my sissy got me. I'll use it in a picture or something :P Oh speaking about materialistic things! I went to my favorite store EVAH (well one of my top faves) Charolette Russe and saw these cargo pants for only $5! They always have sales like that but man everytime I see them I just get all giddy inside and want to hump a baby chimp! Hahaha take that how ever you please :D

Alright so it's not so clear, but they are simply adorable! And I never owned any cargo pants so I thought what the hell, I just got paid :/ I shop a lot! Mainly because of have a part time job which I strongly suggest those who are in school to go out and find if money's tight with your parents/guardians because it is so worth it! I mean you have no idea how many things I've done with the money I've earned from my job...I don't think saving is apart of it. Hahaha jkjk I do save now I'm not that much of a shopaholic xD But seriously, find someone you can babysit for or something b/c it's great having your own money to spend/save. Plus you value it way more than someone elses. Why am I cramming so much info into this one entry? I gotta work on that.*yawns* K I'm getting sweepy. I'm gunna hit the hay and get ready for a full day of fun school work! Wooo hooo! Sikerz.


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