September 22, 2009

Crossing my fingers ( > . < ) x

Right now I am incredibly happy for the fact that I passed my test in pre-cal! *does victory dance* Seriously, I had major doubts as always but this time I ended up making a freaking B which in my standards, might as well be an A when it comes to math! Studying really does pay off :D

Lately I've been super dooper thrilled because Miyavi a.k.a. one of Japan's sexiest male music artists is going to performing in MY home town. That's right...DALLAS, TEXAS! What are the odds? The irony in all of this is that earlier in the summer I had the opportunity to see LM.C (❤ them) perform at this annual anime con but their label cancelled it due to the swine flu that was going on at the time. My heart was indeed crushed (ToT) But now the best of the best is coming here and I don't know how I'm going to maintain my composure when I see his fine ass live! & NO IDGAF if he's married! If that sounds fangirlish, well excuse the hell outta me for showing my love for a talented individual! I just I cannot believe he's coming here it''s...IT'S--*has a violent seizure*

Okay maybe I do need to take a chill pill. *takes pill and OD's* hahaha! I'm out~

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