September 27, 2009


I am sooooo incredibly happy right now! I do not know how I managed to do it but I actually got myself a ticket to Miyavi's show and I cannot stop thanking God because I know it wasn't just luck! I know to some of you reading this, it may sound like I'm overdoing it a little but no one has any clue what this means to me that I will be seeing him up and close at the House of Blues! Let's just make a brief list on why this is such a huge deal. One: IT'S MIYAVI! Two: It's my first real concert that isn't sponsored by any lame anime convention/theme park/etc. & Three: I have a ticket for the closest seats in the whole building with my bestest buddy who helped me get the tickets in the first place. In the end, everything fell into place perfectly and I'm in complete gratitude to both her, my sister for lending me money, my friend for going down to Dallas and doing all of the crazy things I asked him to do for me to get the ticket and whatnot ahhh I mean I am just so greatful to my friends right now. *takes a deep breath* Thank you all x10000000000000!

I also gotta thank my friend for also making me this adorable cute and cozy scarf. She's seriously amazing at making crafts. I gotta give her something from the heart for Christmas. She probably wouldn't want me to but too bad because I most certainly am!
Isn't it lovely? I love the sequence she added to it as well. I can't wait to start wearing it when it starts getting colder. Moving on, I just watched this awesome movie called Lupta: Castle In the Sky. It's another Ghibli Studio film and I'm all for those movies ever since I was little, they've always found a way to capture my attention right from the beginning. It's a bit old so most people have already seen it at least once but it is NOT boring at all. There's lots of action as always and the art in general is simply beautiful! Just last weekend I watched Nausicaa The Valley of the wind. That too was a great movie! Gahhh I still need to see Ponyo and a couple of others my friend recommended to me but I will with time.

Now I'm out to walk to Walmart xP Leave comments if you can :D

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