October 26, 2009

Catch up time~

*waves* Hey I know I haven't wrote in this thing for a while but I've been working overtime at school on top of other things that I got to take care of which is why I'm taking this time to write it all out here on this sweet little bloggie of mine.

Here's a brief sum up of what I've experienced lately...

1) Crazy Peter Pan musical finally opened last week. The opening night had lots of energy, a few mess ups, but
LOTS of energy from both the audience and actors! The other shows so far sucked but I got some flowers from my loved ones so it's all good, right? Now just 3 more to go and I'll be set!

^ Don't u just love the note my sister wrote? Haha whore. jkerz!

2) My circle lenses finally came in and I don't know why I didn't get them first! They are absolutely lovely but lemme tell you they were not cheap ($34.75 w/discount) Eventually I'll put together the video of me opening it up/talking about the place where I got it from excetera, excetera on my Youtube.

3) Got some extensions and now I know how to make clip-ins :D Might do a tut for it one of these days. I also did some shopping and bought some super cute stuff! It's been a while. I'm seriously in love with my new coat (right).

4) The new 9 weeks started which means I finally have two new classes (Floral Design & Bank/Finance) but I miss my old ones with all my friends :( I really hope this half of the semester goes by fast.

5) I finally finished this cute anime called
Bokura Ga Ita. The grade I give it is a 4 outta 5 stars so I do recommend it but it's not the absolute best anime there is. It was cute, funny, sad, romantic, and for the most part relatable to me since I was and still am that high school girl who just wants to be with that special someone who'll be there for me no matter what. & I'm sure you guys are probably deleting this title from your list of anime recommendations list at this very moment but it's cool.
I'm not sure which anime I should watch next but so far I have two in mind: Vampire Knight & Kuroshitsuji. Both are somewhat dark and depressing which is a huge turn from BGI. Feel free to help me make a descision? One more thing before I go...I wanna say thanks to those people who recently started following me (you cute little stalkers you) Makes me smile that people are interested in what goes on with me during these hectic times.

C ya laterz.


  1. Hey ^^ where did you order your circle lenses? they sound a lil over priced...~_~, I've bought lenses from blogsales and its like US$18 even $16 at some...you just gotta find the reputable ones ^^...my first lenses were bought for like us$36 aswell but hey u learn after a few lenses lol ^^

  2. Yeah a lot of the time the lenses that are that cheap are GEO brand and I don't want those as much as I do Dueba, Dizon, and a few others because they have the larger diameter ones. But if you can find out where I can find those ones for cheap, please lemme know :]


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