October 30, 2009

Happy Halloween >:3 *mwahahahaha*

Hope everyone enjoys their weekend whether you'll be trick-or-treating, partying it up at some Halloween event, or plain ol' watching movies on t.v. because you're too unenthusiastic about this holiday. As for myself, I'll be too busy working through the morning into the afternoon. After that I'll be going to do my musical which should end a lil after 9 and might end up attending the cast party if I'm not too tired but I most likely will be.

Btw I watched two movies within the past 2 weeks, and for me, that's A LOT! One of them being Paranormal Activity. 99.9% of the people I've talked to about the movie who have seen it themselves said it was really good. There was one girl on myspace who disagreed but I thought it had a good scare factor. I won't spoil anything for those haven't seen it yet but I will say that even though they claim it's actual footage...I'm not sure if those events actually took place for several which makes it less scary.

& The movie I just watched today was Michael Jackson's This Is It. It wasn't like I thought it would be. It was more captivating than I had initially anticipated and what a show he would have put on for those lucky foklks who bought a ticket. During the movie there were times I wanted to cry all over again, but I managed to hold back the tears and just reminisce over the times I've sung to one of his songs, danced to his incredible music, & been inspired to do something amazing because of his overall impact as a performer. He will forever be greatly missed.

To end this on a happier note, yesterday I was in the car with my sister waiting for our mom to take us to school until I spotted this fluffy chubby white adorable bunny ploped on the floor next to the car on our right. We watched it in awe as we squealed at each of it's movements but then it started to hop away. We decided that since we obviously knew neither of us were gunna grab it and take it home for countless reasons, the least we could do was steer it out of harms way. So we kind of chased it towards a person's porch and I think it felt pretty cozy there because it didn't wanna budge. Idk if that was a sign of good luck or what because I rarely see bunnies like that in the wild...especially ones that are that cute! I'm sure that it was a former pet of someone's unfortunately but maybe they'll find it, who knows? I really do h0pe someone in a better position than myself took it in and cared for it. I have a speacial place for small animals that don't look like they'd kill me. Haha anyway I didn't mean to rant. I'm off!~

*nibbles on a carrot and hops away*

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