October 4, 2009

I think I'm going a bit overboard...

when it comes to eating food I don't know my current weight since I unfortunately have yet to purchase a weight scale, but I know I gained at least 5 five pounds ever since summer ended (*´ο`*)=3 During the summer, I worked 5 days in the week and when I did go to work, I walked there in the sweltering heat which caused me to sweat profusely but I definitely burned a truck load of calories doing so and gained some muscles >:D But now that school's back and all, I only work once or twice if I'm lucky a week and usually my mom is willing to take me so I don't walk as much as I used to. Plus, it doesn't help that my sister is selling these amazingly delish chocolate bars for her Speech class and I cannot stop buying them from her I'm her best freaking customer! Idk if you are familiar with the brand but here's a picy.

It's like an orgy in my mouth I kid you not! But I digress. I was and still am super proud of myself because I got a 99 on my test in pre-cal! I know I talked about me getting a good grade in my precal class in another post but since then, I kinda wasn't doing too well. I think I got too confident or something, I'm not really sure what went wrong. But then I took this quiz that I was completely unprepared for and I freaking aced it! How does that happen?

*sighs* Life is so random. But I gotta go now so toodles~

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