October 29, 2009

Is this really worth putting my hopes up?

I'm talking about the future of Udoli now that ViVi came back and is taking on the leader position again. Idk what to think to be honest. & before you begin to think I don't like her, that simply isn't the case. My feelings towards her are rather neutral, however there were many times where I found myself liking and disliking her because of ohsomuch drama in the past that occured in the Udoli world. I just hope that her position as a leaders STAYS with us for as long as Udoli exists this time around otherwise I refuse to get into the hype of her being apart of this now because once again all my hopes will be crushed if things don't end up going in the right direction. If things end up going well, as far as I'm concerned she's fine by me as a leader. This is my blog btw so I can careless if people take this info from here and tell a thousand souls because it's me speaking about how I truly feel...I just need to get that out there since there's so many weasals on the interwebz and you never know who's looking on your profile. Snitches get stiches....right? *ponders about saying for a bit*

Here's what I want for Udoli:
  • I want it to be PEACEFUL for one.
  • There should be sisterly bonding between everyone.
  • Of course I want the world to eventually know about us but it most definitely doesn't have to happen right this second (like not even within a few years).
  • I want udoli to be unique. To set us apart from other subcultures that are already out there even if it's just by a little bit.
  • I want people of all categories to look up to us and get there motivation from, whether it be for fashion, personality, etc.
There's definitely a few I'm missing but since this was done in a quickie (tehe ^////^) it's not my official list, but you understand where I'm coming from. Plus I felt like this needed to be written down somewhere or else my head would explode with countless thoughts about my online/real life issues. I must depart for now because it's almost midnight and I haven't even done my homework so good night all of you lovely people and I will try to be up the blog I've been planning on posting up sometime tomorrow.


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