October 14, 2009

RAWWWGH \(>o<)/

I'm gunna rip my freaking face off! I'm so exhausted(mentally, physically, blah blah bleh), I've had a stomach virus for the past 5 days and still continue to go to school, and I found out I gained 10 pounds since I last checked which was in the middle of the summer. W. T. EF man I think everyone else around me at my school's musicial rehearsals seems to be having a negative affect on me. Let's just say DRAMA DRAMA DRAMA! Not to mention how it's in less than a week from now and I can't tell you how unprepared we are for this damn show but as always, I'm going to still be optimistic about things since somebody has to.

On another note, my lovely friend of mine Tabetha lent me her Final Fantasy XII(12) game and I know some of you say *in an extremely irritating high pitched voice* "Whaaa? Crystal, that is sooooo 3 years ago!" Yeah no shit. & yes I was implying that you all definitely would sound like that...haha! But I really don't have time to buy the latest stuff so I go with whatever I can get which usually ends up being the old stuff. Imo they can be just as, or sometimes, even more fun than the new games so it doesn't bother me much. But what bothers me is when I hit a bump in the game. You know, when you're making all of this progress up until this one moment you find a little bastardly obstacle that you have to overcome and you try over and over and don't seem to get anywhere. That's where I'm at and I'm about to break my t.v. but I know I should keep leveling up but it takes wayyyy too much paitence TT ^ TT UGGGHERZ. I think I've said enough for now.

Until then~

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