November 29, 2009

My trip to Texas Thespian State Festival

was freaking amazing! It changed me so much :D I've never been inspired by attending a convention in my life before until I experienced to this one! I went with my school on Nov 18-21 and it was in Corpus Christi and oml the view of the gulf was beautiful. Although the weather was mostly cloudy, rainy, and cold, simply seeing the wide ocean, large seagulls and pelicans and overall scenery was good enough for me.

I sadly didn't win any competitions because I didn't register for anything since I was late on auditioning to be apart of it in the first
place but I still enjoyed myself and supported my troupe. There were several plays that I saw...

Pippin (FHS): This school did the abridged version of the play but it was still pretty good. I felt that the Pippin, the main character, was the only one who kept me tied in to the could have been that he had more energy or that he look wayyyy too much like Robert Patterson O.o He was uber cute though!~

Pippin (Main stage): When I had a feeling that this play was soon coming to an end I felt like crying because it was that good and what made it so memorable for me was a certain character in the play. He truly inspired me so much because he was, in my opinion, phenomenal! I honestly wanted to be like him on stage. He stayed true to his character by 100% and was completely fearless of messing up...or at least appeared that way.

~Ruthless: Funny musical that had several twists.
~Infancy: Hilarious to the MAX! I almost started crying wit
h laughter at one point during this play.
~Women of Lockerbie: I almost started crying with complete and utter depression during this play. My school did this and although not many people were in the audience, it was definitely the most touching play I saw throughout the whole convention.
~Beehive: A musical that kinda took you back in time of the 60s, 70s, and 80s. It was funny as well but would've been better if their mics weren't so messed up.

There were also a lot of one acts, duets, musical groups, and so on that I saw there as well. Everyone did a great job. As for the workshops, I went to a lady named Mama Yeye who taught African Dance and it was soooooo much fun but was definitely a WORK OUT! Everyone had a good time with her and I felt like I was at a Nigerian party with all my relatives. Everyone kept saying how good I was at it because I was African and I said...yeah you're probably right XD haha jk! But it was fun. Spending about $300 for the fees, riding the bus for 8 hours on the way there and 8 hours back, having to catch up on loads of school work once this week's over for missing 2 days of school, and having me resort to borrowing money from like 80 different people! *sigh* It was all worth it and I'm glad I did it.

After attending this event with my school, I am pretty certain that I want to work on becoming an actress in the future as my hobby. & I don't want to be one for any extremely big goal like a television show or Broadway, but just to be good enough to where I feel like I can be any character I set my mind to and have it perfected to my best ability. Once I come to that realization, I'll feel satisfied. Can't say why, I guess it's because this is my main talent that I wanna work on perfecting and once I do it'll just feel amazing! I can't wait till the next play comes in the spring so I can audition. Wish me good luck :D

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