November 26, 2009

Thanksgiving *gobble gobble*

Hope everyone had a good one! Most importantly I hope everyone remembered what they are truly grateful for. I know I'm so thankful for several countless things in my life right now. My family, friends, my overall happiness that I'm alive! Haha but anyway, this Thanksgiving was different for me because my sister and I both decided that we would cook the food instead of having our mom slave in the kitchen doing it all by herself. In the end, we did a pretty damn good job because I can't say one thing tasted bad. Actually, all of it was perfectly yummy! I didn't finish my plate but man if I had more room I would have. Most likely we'll be doing the same for my mom this Christmas. She really deserves that much after the past few years she's been through. But I digress.

I got my paycheck yesterday and I refuse to buy anything with it until I'm ready to start buying Christmas presents...this is going to be really hard for me > < & I finally watched New Moon last night and holy crap Taylor L.'s body is to
DIE for! He had to have had the best one in the entire not so much. It's not that I'm not into skinny guys, cuz I am, but he just didn't have that "umph!" with his shirt off y'know? Haha anyway, I felt that this movie was more entertaining than the first one. I think they did pretty good with all the wolves, Emily, and the Volture(however you speel it). Dakota Fanning looked overly sexified but you could still see that little girl underneath it all. I can't wait for the next movie x]

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