December 28, 2009


I finally got my hands on some rly super cute falsies at Sephora! & even some rly pretty eyeshadow! Cost me about thrity bucks for both, but I had to buy it since I hardly ever get the chance to go all the way to Dallas. I cannot wait to start taking pics with them on and try out different looks with the eyeshadow ^ ^ One of these days I'm gunna go there and spend over $200! I'll make it my mission! I used to think make up was unnecessary but now that I'm gradually wearing it more often, it's starting to take over my LIFE! Alright well it's not that serious, but it's a fun hobbie I mean who doesn't like to play with make up every once in a while? I've been told I'm pretty good with it before and I hardly own any kind of make up except for a couple of things here and there. I just watch a shit load of tutorials on Youtube (Michelle Phan all the way!)

Another thing I'm starting to obsess over is bras. I'm gunna warn you right now, the following may be tmi so discontinue reading now if you feel the need to. Idk about you females out there, but I sometimes take a look at my nekkid self in the mirror for several reasons. I ask myself, am I getting fat? Are my stretch marks going away? WTF IS THAT RASH DOING DOWN THERE?! haha no jk about that last one xD but you get what I'm saying, right? Well I hope so. I take no shame in admitting it. Anyway, I've been the same bra size ever since middle school...or at least so I thought. Turns out just the other day my sister and I went to Victoria's Secret and they had some pretty good sales on their bras so I thought hell why not try some on? Silly old me thought I'm definitely an 34A since I'm so itty bitty and all my other bras are the same size. So I try em on and they are so tight and my chest is completely spilling out of the damn thing and I'm like wtf? Did I get the right size?

So I leave the dressing room and tell the nice ladies that they didn't work out for me and she asks what size I am and I think she noticed me hesitate to answer so she wanted to measure me. In the end, I found out I was a 32B and I've been wearing small ass bras for years so much to the point where I think they've misshapen my itty bitty boobies. Now, I'm looking for the bestest quality bras I can get that are in my proper size! I've been looking on their site for when I'm ready to go buy some and found these but I haven't decided which ones I'm most certain on getting.

Plunge multi-way bra with Gel-Curve®: I want this one mainly cuz it looks invisible under clothes, it has lots of lift, and you can wear this with straps in several different ways. Yup sounds like a good deal to me!

Wireless bra: This bra looks like it's rly comfy! Plus, there's something about wireless bras that I don't like. No matter how nice they feel at first, they still just bother me!

Plunge push-up bra: Another nice padded bra for extreme lift and it has adjustable straps. I like the pattern of it cuz it reminds me of udoli<3>

Night night~

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