December 27, 2009

Christmas this year

was quite dandy if I do say so myself ^^! Got some nice presents that's fer sure. This was probably the only Christmas where I got more than 10 presents from just my family alone! I honestly would have been thankful for anything after what my grandpa left us with and I'm not just saying that to win some cool points with whom ever respects those with lots of morals and all that...I'm being so serious when I say that.

But back to the blog, I spent it with my mom and sister like always and it wasn't as lonesome or depressing like it was last year. I felt like from here on end, life's just going to get better for my family so I couldn't help but stay happy all day today! I mean I usually like to have lots of people around me during this holiday but this year was an exception. My sister did a great job making the turkey (although I barely ate it since I had too much for breakfast) and the rest of the meal was yummy too!

So I didn't get lots of stuff from my wishlist which was expected since most of them were really available only from online stores and my sis and mom don't know the first thing on how to buy things online so I'm not upset about it. Means I'll just have to work on getting them all on my own with the money I earn from my job! Don't get me wrong though, the gifts I did get made me so thankful for everything I have in my life right now.



Yes it actually snowed for me on Christmas! Okay so It wasn't really Christmas when it snowed, more like Christmas Eve but close enough right? Not sure what I was doing in this pic but from what it looks like I was probably trying to not have my entire foot engulfed by the deep snow.

I finally got one! And some games to boot :D I don't play WiiPlay that much...ironic isn't it? Mainly bc Super Mario SB Brawl is just simply too awesome for words I cannot even describe to you how much I've played it over the past couple of days! After having a PS2 as the most latest game console at my house, you kinda can't help but go crazy when you upgrade to something like a Wii...just saying.

My HP Pavilion notebook given to me from my super sweet mommy ^^ I was worried for the fate of keeping this little sucker cuz the internet wasn't working on it and we had no clue why at first until earlier today my sister found out how to fix it. I'm so happy with it! I'm considering put deco designs on it soon after I order the pieces. I'll post pics of it when it's done.

This purse was give to me from my mom and along with it came this...

Yeah I was almost in tears. I loved ever detail of them! So glad I didn't waste my time getting one on my own because I doubt I would've found a good one quite like this!

Oh and my sister would make it harder for me to choose which one I'll use more by getting me this gorgeous thing! Seriously, I cannot choose which one I wanna use more. I probably would go with hers just cuz it has more compartments than the other one but if that weren't the case, hell I'd take them both out!
Another nice bag from big sis. I've been needing one badly since the last two I used straps broke because of the heavy stuff I load it with going to school and work xP Thanks Dobi!

Bath and Body works set of sweet pea scent (left) and vanilla (right). At first I was like dang I've had so many sweet pea fragrances in my life and here's more to the list (that rly sounds awful doesn't it?) but then I used it and it smelt so incredibly good my immediate reaction was to breathe faster so I could continue smelling it longer! Thanks mommy!

Cute HK top and dress! Only thing is, the dress is too small so either I can keep it for motivation to lose weight, which I plan on doing regardless, or I can have my sister go back and return it and risk not getting a replacement present cuz I know how she is. I think I'll just keep it as motivation to loose a few pounds ^^

O.P.I. Nail strengthener and nail laquer! I've recently started getting into nail art, being one who looks up hime gyaru vids on youtube, so I thought I should start practicing with it on my own soon. Can't wait to start using rhinestones and all of that good stuff!

Lovely dangly earrings from my favorite co-worker Tam! Best of all they're from my favorite store so there was no way you could have went wrong going there for my gift!~

Nice Skull charm! I wasn't sure to add this to my phone or not since I already had one on my cell so I decided to put it on my camera and it looks way better because it matches with it so well!

This hilarious HSM DVD game! I find it so funny because I wasn't expecting to get something like this at all and the cheesy factor is ridiculous but since I have it, I guess I'll pop it out when I have a slumber party just for lawls! Still, I love it :D


Whoa is that really the end of the list? Feels like I'm missing a thing or two. Hm well I guess not. Those are the primarily was I received as gifts this Christmas and I know that I'm very fortunate to have gotten any gift at all so I'm appreciative for each and every single last one of them! Thanks for reading my blog and I hope everybody had a great Christmas!

Oh yeah that that right there's my tree!~

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