December 9, 2009

It's like I took a sip of rainbow juice or something

I am simply too happy with life right now! Well besides school. Last week, I'll just say that my mother, sister and myself have finally been given what we've been needing for the longest time. It will literally change our lives from this point forward for what I hope will be the better. I owe all my thanks to my grandfather for being such a generous hard-working human being when he was alive and I hope to become someone like him soon in my lifetime. Bragging about it is extremely distasteful which is not what I'm going to do, nor say how much we've received however it's definitely enough to keep us on our feet, and for that alone I am so grateful.

On some other news, I know I haven't done BlogTV in about 2 weeks but that's because I unexpectedly was scheduled to work Fridays, being the nights I host my shows. So idk if this is temporary due to the holidays or if it's a new fixed schedule but if it is, I'll have to move them to Sundays because weekdays don't work for me with the exception of Friday and I work Saturday nights as well so boo >:P But we'll see how things turn out. You know I always keep you all informed ;]

Gotta go now it's pretty late.
Nai Nai!~

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