December 6, 2009

Losing a Friend

I don't mean by drama or anything petty. I mean by death. Today is a really tough and sad day for me guys and I am doing my best to stay strong for Mindy's family, her friends who are also mutual with mine, and for myself. If I don't, then I'll be a huge mess. I was told by my sister this morning and I couldn't believe what my ears just heard.

We weren't best friends however given more time to bond and to get to know each other on a higher level of friendship, I can guarantee we would have been. She would make me laugh, her smile was so angelic and would light up the room, and she was an overall good friend to have. It breaks my heart to know that her life was cut so short. I miss her so much but I'm glad she's no longer suffering.

R.I.P. Mindy Kim Prak

. . . We all love you.

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