December 7, 2009

ღ • * My wishlist ( ◕ ω ◕ )

Finally created one. Hopefully I'll get an item from this list but if not, it's all good. I can probably buy this stuff on my own over time but it'd be nice to have some as Christmas gifts :D

-eyeshadow palette: no particular brand in mind

-any gal mag: i rly don't care which one i just want one!
-make up brushes: the basic kinds
-deco pieces w/kit of course

-A g
ood skin care product: Proactive, SkinID

-Cute cell phone charms
-Sanrio/Hello Kitty merch: pillows, pens, cups, etc.
-Plushies: mostly animals but surprise me!
-Art materials: such as copic markers, pencils, pastel crayons, etc.
-a good quality cosplay wig

*squeals* I really want Christmas to hurry up and get here! All this hype is killing me!! Not to mention how much idgaf about school right now. I've never been so behind on my school work in my life. Senioritis has most definitely kicked in. I just wanna graduate already. On some good news, today we finally got our new big screen TVs for my room and the living room. & I already know one of my Christmas presents but I won't reveal what it is until I'm ready to blog about all of my gifts and post a hell of a lot a pics > w <

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