January 1, 2010

New Years Resolutions for 2O1O

I have so many. Not sure where to begin. First off, I wanna say how quick this year went by...I think part of it has to do with me not doing anything super productive but working over the summer and constantly waiting for my next day off. Hmm, I think the big things that I can say that went down in for me in oh nine was too many important people to me passing away. My grandpa, Michael Jackson, and recently my friend Mindy. It's kind of crazy how death is becoming a normal thing now for me. I got out of a really unhealthy relationship with my last boyfriend that left me pretty scarred but what doesn't kill me only makes me stronger. Two of my favorite Japanese music artists did NOT show up to perform within my area when I already paid good money to see them. It's gunna take me a while to get over that. I would say that I lost a friend, but that's not really a bad thing imo because let's just say they weren't so great to have around to begin with. Let me not forget that this year was the year for me to lose MONEY for the stupidest reasons...I got hussled and lost $130 bc of it and lost a few bills here and there a few times this year all because I have the hugest problem keeping up with my shit. *face palm*

Besides all of that, this year has been quite nice ( ^ ^ ) Udoli got started back up again and I meet more people who I can relate to on a whole new different level (thanks Isis <3)

Gosh I know I missed a few things here and there, but I don't wanna write too much I cuz I know I'm not even halfway done with this post! Okay so that was 2OO9. Now my goals for next year are . . .
  • Lose about 10 pounds over the summer . . . or should I say tone up.
  • GRADUATE HIGH SCHOOL (should've been 1st lol).

  • Get a better paying job.

  • Host a completely awesome Udoli meeting in the Dallas area with lots of attendees :D

  • Become a healthier person.

  • Learn how to drive, get license, and get my mom's current car.

  • Buy a good outfit for A-KON next year (I'm too lazy and impatient to make one myself)
  • Go on a road trip to somewhere fun & make tons of life-changing experiences with whomever I got with.

  • Meet someone special . . . and let the rest be history (*cough* cheesy *cough*)
  • Continue coming out of my shell until I am completely happy with who I am.
& I believe that's all I have majorly planned for next year. All I can hope for is that I am happy overall to put it simply. No more tears. No more pain. I just want a painless year that doesn't have to deal with death, heartbreak, lossing someone's trust, or any other thing that will cause me to feel like life isn't worth it, because we all know it very well is. Hope everyone enjoys their night. Write back in you next year!

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