January 29, 2010

Had a fashion show this past Friday

There's soooo much to say about it though. Okay so let's start with how I initially got involved. I was asked by a friend of mine if I could be her new model for the school fashion show since her model was probably moving, and I thought since I had nothing else going on at the time why not help a friend out? So I said yes and was very excited with what she had planned for the outfit, because no matter how eccentric it may be, I absolutely adore fashion! Oh and the theme of the fashion show was thrift stores, so we couldn't spend over $20. We ended up not being able to see each other to create any design so this week I had to pretty much be my own designer and work with what I had at home, which was perfectly fine with me because I love mixing and matching clothes, accessories, you name it to make a badass outfit! Which in the end, is what I did the day before the actual show. Had I had more time to create an outfit, of course it would have been a bajillion times more high on the WOW factor but since I didn't it was all I could come up with.

My idea was to use the school girl skirt and black and white striped shirt me and my designer bought at Thrift World to create an edgy school girl look. I wanted it to sound more interesting so I threw a Japanese street fashion twist to it which really helped because I ended up using my awesome visual kei tie I bought at A-KON last year as the focal point of the outfit and got several compliments on it which made me super happy inside :D It's been a while since I dressed this way, or at least wanted to, so I felt a bit out of my element but still had to make it work.

Now I love everything about this look however, the red clownish lips...*sigh* had I been smarter when the make up artist was applying it on my lips I would have told her not to do it if she didn't have a dark lip liner to make the transition from my skin to the bright red lips look so drastic! That however was the only thing that I didn't like so much about the make up. Otherwise, I love every bit of it including the super strong eyebrows. I told her I wanted a dramatic look and she sure did create just that. She was really nice and gave me some pointers about make up the entire time she was doing mine which I really appreciated. Oh and I will be doing a hair tutorial for this style because lots of people liked it and I love it so yeah :D

So on the day of the show, my nerves were almost getting the best of me especially after seeing so many amazing designs on the models! I can honestly say there was no bad outfit within the entire competition. Everyone put a lot of good effort into their work which was refreshing ^^ I was pumped and ready to live the experience as a model for one day and have all eyes on me as I walked and posed on the stage. Everything was going great till I read a text from my designer who ended up not being able to come to the show which wasn't a problem to me at all since I was already prepared for something like that to happen so it didn't bother me one bit. Had I not been, then it would have been a whole different story.

Finally it was time to begin the show and the judges and my sister were the main people I was aiming to impress. Speaking of the judges, one of them was on Project Runaway but I fail to remember what her name was...it started with an S :/ But she was super pretty and nice! Once it started, the models walked out their one by one till it came to me and when I went out there I nearly passed out from seeing how insanely huge the turnout was! I do not remember seeing our school's auditorium look so full! But it motivated me to really work it, and I did! I don't remember having this much confidence in me before but I sure do know that I'd love to do it all over again! Regardless of the mishaps, I loved being apart of the show. I even ended up winning some pretty rad prizes too from being the top 10 designers!

After doing this I've realized that it's okay to be a little intimidated from doing something so bold and getting exposed to so many people. But I like to think of it as a once in a lifetime experience that may never come your way again in life so take that chance and do it before it's too late because for all you know, that opportunity could be God's way of saying it's your time to shine! Bit by bit, you start to see a difference in yourself. A more bolder and positive person you never knew was in you this entire time. Uplifting, yes? Haha just something I've been thinking about lately. Well here's some clips of the video if you wanna see them.

Check out full video of clips from the show on my youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GomFgyV8Rzk

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