January 4, 2010

Internet's back :)

Yay I finally get to post on my blog regularly now that my internet's back *does a victory dance* I hope everyone enjoyed their new years celebration. My fucking internet wasn't working at all last week so I couldn't post on my blog about it but I didn't do much. Just watched the countdown on T.V. and went to downtown Dallas to see lots of drunk people act out which is always a form of entertainment ^ ^ This year I plan to actually go out somewhere like maybe an actual party or club of some sort (might have to sneak in). I'm just sick of staying at home year after year, it's so depressing.

But what sucks even more about my internet being cut out is that right when i decided to finally do some way overdue homework, the very day I do it, the son of a bitch wants to not work! I think it was a sign from God telling me I better not procrastinate this year but this is seriously the worst way to get that message through to me because I was stressing out the last couple of days during the break because of it. Thankfully I did it the day before school started so I won't be having any sad stories of me failing classes this year thank goodness.

Oh I finally did a hime gyaru hair style the other day wearing my favorite little dress!

Only thing is, I can't seem to master making the curls maintain their shape. I probably should have used some hairspray but since I wasn't going no where that night I didn't care to put some on. Another issue I had was that I wanted the hump to be more wide and volumous but I guess that's just one of the things I gotta work on. Since it was my first time doing this kind of style, I think I'll have to wait till I make a tutorial for it. I was going to edit the footage I took of me doing this one but I don't think it'll come out right since I was so eager to make it. Usually when I'm eager about making something like videos, they usually don't come out the way I want them to because they're not well put together which results to equals me losing subbies and my views going down.

Till then, ttyl~


  1. 'ello! Hey this is anzu, and this is my first comment on ur blog, whoo~
    ((Anyway, love your blog layout by the way, it's frickin fabulous))
    Um, but yes, I definitely know the feeling of staying home year after year on New Years. I got lucky this time and was invited to sleepover- it was a very random stroke of luck.
    Don't you HATE when the internet decides it can go down? D-:<
    *steals ur outfit...and your bed spread while I'm at it*
    yeah, making videos can be hard when you're actually excited to do it...that's when my worst ones normally are made, ha.
    but yeah, I've talk enough ♥

  2. lol thanks love!
    sleepovers are always fun :D haven't been to one in so long now sadly > <

    my internet hardly ever goes down but they said it was mainly because of the weather :P so lame. if it goes out again i think i just might lose my sanity. it's that serious xD


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