January 9, 2010

New plans for my hair

For over a year now I've been going to my hairdresser about every3-6wks for washes, styling, and perms. However lately I been thinking, maybe I should give doing my own hair by myself a shot. Only thing is, I might have to still get perms professionally done by him because I do not trust using box perms at home for shit plus it never keeps my hair straight for longer than 2 weeks (unless someone has any good recommendations?). I would go natural like my sister is doing, but I don't have that kind of patience for it to grow out to be the length it is right now. My guess is it'd take about 2 years or so :( But perhaps later on down the road I'll give it a shot. For now, I just want something I can manage easily and relaxed hair is definitely it for my case cuz my natural hair is extremely thick!

I know obviously know how to wash my hair, condition it, blow dry it with of course heat protection spray and style it however with flat or curling iron. I know how to wrap it at night and comb it out in the morning. Teasing my hair is bad, and exc
essively using hair spray (not hair sheen) because of aerosol. I also know for my hair type, it's essential to moisturize it every week since relaxed hair doesn't naturally give itself it's own moisture. What I don't know is when to get a trim, because I swear I'm the only person who can't tell what split ends are even when I have them. I'd like to do them on my own, but I hear you need to use a special kind of scissors, not just any old kind laying around the house but where can I get them? I don't know what deep conditioning regimen that is best for me either.

To put it plain and simple, I want my own hair to be long and healthy without resorting to spending a fortune on extensions. The only reason I do is because I absolutely love the way long hair looks on me. It just frames my head quite well and shrinks the size of my oversized head, as told by my terribly rude but honest friends of mine. So you see, I'm basically going to put myself on some kind of hair journey (*cough* lame *cough*) and see how I end up. My hair's been the same length since freshmen year! Nearly four years ago :[ There has to be a change and I'm gunna go ahead and add that to my new years resolution. Wish me good luck!


Yup. That's my goal right there.


  1. good luck!! i remeber my hair journey, and im stillg etting scissor happy with my hair because i want that chppy layered hair look.

    i will be starting to do my own hair aswell!! heat protection spray is essential for uor kind of hair because to much is BADDD =]

  2. thanks guys!

    Choppy hair looks really sexy as long as you take care of it :] I just want length first before anything cutting besides trims here and there.

  3. good luck! I wish I had the patience to grow my hair out :)

  4. you should look up a girl on youtube called "uluvmegs" she's all about healthy permed hair. her hair is LONG and she perms it herself. hope this helps :)


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