January 27, 2010


Is the word. Seriously, sometimes I just wanna scream my head off at those people. I don't understand how do you don't realize the way you're coming off to others when the signs are so clear? I mean I love that I'm fortunate enough to have good friends but my God, if there's one thing I can't stand it's someone who is incredibly clingy and doesn't even click with me on that level. Being pushy, immature, and constantly forcing me to hang out with you will ultimately make me grow very distant from you! I need my ME time! I'm not one to go out that much anyway so please just let me be. If I wanna chill with you, let me be the one to set up a date. I only have so much patience with people like this, as you can tell by me writing this, and I hate having to resort to confrontation but when you don't give me any other options you better believe that's what will end up happening.

*stops off fuming and muttering a slur of profanities*


  1. I know exactly what you mean. And there's the people who text you ever five minutes because they want to know what you're doing at every moment of the day. >_< Yeah. Them. By the way, this is Levi. We met the other day? Through Alex? Yeah.

  2. Leviiii!~
    Of course I remember you *pinches cheeks again* haha but yeah the person I'm referring to in this post is, or at least now WAS, exactly like that. Super clingy and too close for comfort I'm look LOOKY HERE IF YOU DON'T GIMME MY SPACE, UR ASS IS GRASS!!

    lmao no not really but I was totally thinking it xD


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