January 18, 2010

Paypal is my new best friend :3

No joke, I am so happy I finally signed up the other day because I've been wanting soooo many things that I couldn't get offline and it's way easier to use than money orders! Obviously I won't go overboard with spending and will be smart with who I buy from, I'm just really happy that I finally get to buy stuff online without using those time consuming money orders like i used to use before. As a matter of fact, earlier this week I bought this funny looking tool from prettyandcute.com that's supposed to act as a threading device and some false bottom lashes. The reviews were all positive and I thought I might as well test it out with something cheap and from an overall trusted site. I think it's almost here but I didn't check the office yet to see. I'll probably briefly review it on a youtube video later on to let you all know what I think about it. & today I bought the Manly Pro Eyeshadow Palette 120 colors with a free 5 piece brush set from a trusted seller on ebay. Of course I did heavy research on the product first and there was no negative feedback so I cannot wait till it gets here so I can review it and whatnot. Only thing I'm worried about is if they might break because I heard they're prone to breaking in the mail which seems pretty possible knowing the way some packages come in looking beat up so I just gotta cross my fingers and pray for the best.

Originally I was planning on buying decoden pieces from this one site I heard about a while ago but they were sold out of so many things that I really wanted so I'm just decided to wait till they re-stock what I want. I even went elsewhere to see if other online shops had what I wanted, but they too were sold out so that's temporarily put on hold. As for now, makeup is my top priority! I usually don't wear makeup enough to rave about it like the gurus you see on Youtube do, but lately I've been more interested in trying out a couple of things here and there. All I truly need to complete my essential makeup collection is a good eyeshadow palette (which is why I bought the Manly palette from ebay) and good makeup brushes. Now I know that the palette I bought comes with a free brush set, but we all know that those end up being crap so I'm still searching for good quality brushes that at the same time won't kill my wallet. Right now I'm looking at ravingbeautycosmetic's makeup brushes after seeing heather123's review on them but they too are slightly pricey. However, if I still can't find anything better, I might end up getting those ones regardless.

*takes a deep breathe* Man, never thought I'd ever be into makeup but I guess I was wrong :] Okay I gotta go fix lunch, sooo hungry! Peace out~


  1. Sonia Kashuk has good brushes at target there not pricey at all. when i get out of high school im going to a makeup school so i have lots of makeup stuff

  2. E.L.F has good inexpensive brushes

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