February 5, 2010


This is one of the reasons why I hate being a female because you get treated like you're only good for pleasing the opposite sex, therefore, you constantly get guys trying to pathetically seduce you. As much as I hate to say it, from what I've observed, 95%(randomly high percentage) of the time, it's black guys! Why? Do you not know how to build up a bond with a girl before mindlessly asking for their number and coming off as too forward? Do you think by trying to convince me that you are the best man out their to go to bed with will actually persuade me to do so? Do they think we're that fucking stupid? Don't get me wrong, because I know it's no all black guys who act this way, just the majority. From my own personal experience it is mainly black males and I'm not too shocked since I am black myself but fucking shit I'm so fed up with the crap! I'm so thankful I don't live in Dallas because God bless those girls who have to deal with far worse treatment by the guys over there *smh at the thought* If it's a confidence thing, then why not use proper charm in a less hasty way? Why do I even bother...none of them are going to get that through their hard heads and understand a females point of view.

I needed to vent cuz this was really getting to me. Next time I see any idiot do this to me, I'm letting it all out! Of course with someone to protect me if need be cuz people are crazy these days and my safety comes before anything xD


  1. Yea (american) blacks are always trying to get some. very sad -_- African guys are far more respectful IMO (maybe I'm biased since i'm Kenyan but it does really seem like that, based on my experiences in America)

  2. No you're right I've interacted with several African guys throughout my life since my family's Nigerian and they don't come off as dogs like most Black American guys do. But not saying any one race is perfect, that's just what I've noticed from my own experience. lol i could be biased myself idk

  3. gawd I agree with this entry 100% I fricking love you for saying this. Black guys need to tone it down, SERIOUSLY.


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