February 7, 2010

Udoli to Gyaru . . . say whaaaa??

Kind of a late post but it's true. I've been planning on saying this for a while but never really took the time to plan how I was going to tell everyone. I'm pretty sure my videos explained enough though so I won't go back into details as to why I've made this decision unless someone asks me any questions about it. Now I just want to quickly jot down some goals/inspirations/and miscellaneous information I have about me living out the gal lifestyle.


I honestly get it anywhere. Doesn't matter what nationality, ethic background, whatever. If I see a really amazing photos from the same gal, be it magazine or online communities, she's my inspiration. People who are my inspiration get credit for simply having amazing personalities, mad style, traits, and outlooks on life. Because I have so many lovely people that motivate me to grow and become better at this lifestyle, I will post them throughout my blogging days. Well until I get sick of it lol. We'll see how it all turns out.

Goals for Becoming A Gyaru!
I have quite a few but here's a small list to give you guys a short preview.
  • Join a galsa with lots of awesome members. I already have a few in mind
  • Become an amazing make up wiz after learning countless tips from others
  • Help people by making tutorials on the tube :]
  • Confidence level must be way higher than it is now
  • Fashion should be a big priority (but not bigger than my wallet can handle, let's not get crazy!)
  • Make tons of friends throughout the globe and let people know who I am
Yup. That seems to get most of it. I may have some more goals pop into my head after I post this but either way I'll be experiencing lots of changes from now on which I am prepared for! So on that note, do wish me luck on this and support will be greatly appreciated.


  1. im trying to become Gyaru also
    theres like no one around were i live
    that is Gyaru so im kinda on my own.
    im thinking of starting my own Galsa

  2. That's awesome! I just talked on the phone with one of my good friends who surprised me by saying she wants to try out being a gal with my help. I was so honored! It's really invigorating :D

  3. sign me up for the gyaru lifestyle!!!!! =] omygoshhh crystall i found this AHMZING site, thats sells wigs at a GREAT price.

    ^just click on wigs for women, alot of them look gyaru inspired, great to get your look started =]

    i think im gonig to outline a list of goals for my transformation aswell xD

  4. hi i think you just introduced me to something new :udoli .... i never heard of it before....(gonna go look it up)
    and i was starting to think i was the only black person who liked gyaru and other asian stuff

  5. @guerly11: yeah just make sure you read the UPDATED definition of what it is currently. lol I can't stress that enough.


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