February 24, 2010

I got the part in the playyyyy! (RANT)

Let me begin with informing you what the hell I'm even talking about since I didn't bother talking about it last week. My school is having a play (The Curious Savage), which I believe to be one of the last ones to audition for for the rest of the school year, and me being a drama kid I took it upon myself to audition for it but only last minute since I had so many negative thoughts running through my head telling me I wouldn't be good enough and that I haven't fully grown as an actor but thankfully after talking to so many people about it I ended up getting talked into doing it by the same people who also convinced me to go to ITS! I know that was a long sentence but I do that when I'm really hyped so please bare with me.

Last Thursday I auditioned for it not specifically for any role and just said to myself whatever happens, happens. I saw a couple intimidating auditions that made me ask myself why the hell am I even here right now when I know there's hardly any chance of me getting any role at all. We had to do cold readings, which is when you read straight off from a script and perform that dialogue to the best of your ability, and I personally hate cold reading! I was always a slow reader and I still am so mix that with a huge case of nerves, you better expect a train wreck!  I didn't do horrendous but I didn't feel like I did good enough to impress the judge who was once my former Theater Arts teacher (love her!). I ran through the script twice then my ride came to pick me up. Those that were there who saw one of my status' on how much I hate cold readings on facebook said I did pretty good and I just thought please, don't give me your sympathy. Turns out they were being very truthful!

Friday came along and I apparently was notified that I was on the call back list. For half a second my heart nearly stopped but then I said well call backs don't always mean your instantly on the cast list so let me just relax and wait till we do call backs. Then good old Monday gets here and I was so nervous. After waiting this long and find out that I'm not in the cast list would have completely torn me apart. But if it was for the best then so be it I thought. After school came and I heard excited voices and laughter coming from the room the call backs were being hosted in. I said to myself there is no way I can prep myself enough for this so just get it over with. Thankfully, my old teacher wasted no time in saying we were all in! Hugest relief I felt all year! I was so shocked but proud of myself. How could I get this role over all of those other people? I'm still somewhat in denial but we'll see how things turn out over the next few months. I believe the actually play starts in May so I'll be going to rehearsals every now and then meaning less internet time pour moi *sob sob* but I'll try my best to update this blog. Gotta make the best of my senior year anyways right?

Oh and I got Mrs. Willie!


  1. Congrats & you looks so flawless on your banner xo

  2. Thank you Desire!~
    Photo editing skills do wonders :D


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