February 15, 2010

A new approach

Lately I feel like it's time to do some new things with my youtube. Like really different. Thing is, I don't have that many "fun" ideas lined up just yet. I'm so close to getting my first 500 subscribers but yet so far away because it's taking forever! I'm kinda going crazy checking on it every two seconds. Okay maybe not that frequently, but still I check it about every other day or so. Am I losing my funny? lol I've always wanted to say that! No, but really . . . I feel like I get more views when I do reviews or tutorials or when I'm Baby クリ which I haven't been doing lately because again I have no other ideas for that character (FAIL) although I really have lots of fun with her. If you didn't know this already, I am my toughest critic on pretty much everything I do so I aim to be a perfectionist majority of the time unless I'm incredibly lazy to put too much effort into a video.

So long story short, I just need some advice and/or ideas on what to do next for my YT is all :/

My Channel

Come to think of it, I actually just uploaded a new video today so please take the time to check it out. It's about my hair products I use and it's a two parter.

oh check out this sexy picture!
Isn't it lovely? *sigh* One day . . . one day.

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