February 1, 2010

Probably coloring my hair soon

Those 3 circled in red are the shades of brown I'm looking at. I hate how blah my plain dark brown hair is and I know I'm not going to go bleach my hair for any of those blonds to get crazy colors like electric blue, hot red, and so on (that'd be cool I just don't want to go bald is all :/) but a slight change wouldn't hurt, right? Besides, the season is after all going to change into spring soon and I figure why not dye it around that time? It'd look great for the summertime too! Who knows, I may go for a lighter brown tone, I may not only time will tell. I just want to get my feet wet and test out the waters with dying my hair. Just hoping my mom doesn't bitch at me for it.

Another thing I'd like to add is I ordered some Gatsby moving rubber wax "Loose shuffle" since I always wanted to try out those looks you see above and for this specific kind of wax you don't need to have super short hair to achieve those looks. Obviously my hair isn't that layered but I just wanna play around with it to see what styles I can come up with so you'll be hearing a review from me soon!



  1. Hi~!

    Thank you for expressing interest in being a Fashion Hime, I would be so happy to feature you if you are still interested!!

    I can send you the interview questions by email if you like, my email is chouzuru@gmail.com

    Thanks again! Your blog is totally cute btw hehe^^

  2. Thank you!!! I'm super excited now :D

  3. beeee careful, cuz my hair turned orange, do it over a weekend so you can tone it if you need to to take out the orange, don't do it on like a sunday nite where you'll have work/school in the morning, do it like friday afterwork/school to clear up any misshapes!! X_X

  4. thanks for the advice but I'm probably going to have my hair dresser do it for me on a Friday or Saturday. Even though he's still considered a student, he knows what he's doing when it comes to African type of hair.


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