February 19, 2010

WIBR: What I Bought Recently

To liven things up a bit here on this blog, I decided to start doing a few blogs like this each time I buy a truck load of stuff scattered throughout the past month or so. Plus I've noticed a lack of pictures on my recent posts and I, being a visual person, hate that! I've been meaning to post these on my blog at some point anyway but I never got the chance heh (^^;) mild laziness. Bear in mind that majority of this was purchased off ebay unless stated otherwise. Thought I'd say that now instead of constantly repeating myself haha!

Alright, no let's start off with my new Sonia Kashuk brushes!

I bought these from Target for about $23 and I think it was worth it. It's my first makeup brush set so I was super happy to finally get my hands on it after hearing several good reviews and recommendations for this brand.

Along with that I bought a blending & bronzing blush brush from E.L.F. The bristles aren't as soft as my Sonia Kashuk contouring brush but it still does the job and plus it was super affordable.

Ah yes. My Loose Shuffle Gatsby hair wax. I love this product because it really did meet my expectations in terms of getting that volume at the top of your hair and being able to style and define chunks and pieces of hair. It's great to use if you have short layers, but if you have medium layers such as myself, it still does wonders.

This funky looking thing was purchased from prettyandcute.com and it basically acts like a threading device. It takes up less time to use on my minor facial hairs than my tweezers or hair removal cream. It's not painless, but it gets the job done and the hair stays off your face for a long time. I love this thing. Along with it came a pair of bottom eye lashes I also bought. Unfortunately I am no pro at putting on these type of bottom lashes so I ended up cutting them in half which helped so much!
These are some individual lashes I bought from l'patricia and the lash glue was from Wal-mart. I didn't see the DUO brand so I had to settle with this one but it still works perfectly fine so I have no complaints.

This cute little puppy charm was given to me on our last day in my floral design class from my friend Minh. Such a sweet heart!

That's it for this entry of WIBR (wibber hahaha!). Not too sure how many more of these I'll do since I am jobless T^T forgot to mention that a couple weeks back. I'll definitely still try to do as many of these as I can, even if I only have to talk about one or two items. Alight ttyl❤

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