March 10, 2010

Angry rant: Watch that attitude

This isn't directed to anybody who's reading this (most likely). Just a few people I've been dealing with in class lately who've been driving me absolutely fucking nuts with their constant bitch fits. Now I get that things are stressful and you might have a lot going on in your life right now, but why the hell is it so necessary to let everyone around you know that by snapping at your classmates who are usually completely innocent? If there's one thing I cannot stand, it's someone who brings down the positive atmosphere just because they're having a shitastic day and pretty much make it all about them. Not only is it being self-centered, but it's damn right childish. In the work force, people are bound to have good days and bad ones but regardless of how your personal life is going you need to suck it up and do your job. This also means cooperate with your co-workers, in this case, your classmates!

And the whole being sensitive thing has gotta stop at some point in your life or else you're probably going to not make it by the age of 30. Before, I used to look at the people who teased me beyond imagination for my appearance in elementary school with such hatred and today I still do but not as much as I did back then. Now I've come to realize all of that made it easier on me to deal with people when they try so hard to bring you down or to deflate your bubble for what ever reason. I can say I have rhinoceros skin but only to an extent because nobody is completely immune to what others have to say about them and idgaf what they say. Unless you're disabled to hear what people have to say about you, which I doubt most people are, then you're bound to be affected by it in some way or another. However it's up to you how you choose to deal with it. The point is, everyone is a jerk and they're going to tell you things that are going to probably hurt your feelings but it's not the end of the world so my question is to those people who motivated me to write this blog, why the hell are you acting like it is? By the end of the day, you're going to do you (at least you should) so why fuss over what some nobody said? It was most likely their opinion, therefore you shouldn't always take it to heart especially if you know you aren't in the wrong.

*sigh* I just hate dealing with people who don't know how to control their emotions. I'm out.


  1. sorry that life is taking a dump on you. it sucks, but ppl never grow up. it gets worse as we get older because we expect maturity but ppl still act like asshole.

    take care sugh, btw i would love for you to be apart of my zine, as for critiques on the blog, just keep it about you. blog for you and know one else. and everyone loves a clean layout with lots of pictures girly! take care

  2. People always tend to take what ever anger they have out on the people around them. Being sensitive is not an excuse. Some people just dont have respect for people around them or there friends.

    Dont surround yourself with these people. I know your in school, so its hard to avoid such a thing. However, not speaking to them is a good start. ^.^


  3. Thanks Bianca! I think that's part of the reason why I get so irritated with the people i deal with because I do expect a more civilized behavior at their ages but that sometime isn't the case for the people i deal with.

    I appreciate the advice Vi :] I'll take that into consideration.


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