March 18, 2010

Asian Guys and Black Girls Rant: Stereotypes

Yes I finally made a video on this subject. Took me a while but I did it! I plan on doing several of these and sending them to various Asian guys on Youtube and to see if they respond or not. I know it sounds bold, daring, and probably to some of you stupid. But I just want to see what they have to say. Out of all the videos I see on YT about Asian males and Black females, only a few Asian guys have responded to them in a video response and that irks me to be truthfully honest. I don't want to force anyone to do anything, but at the same time if no one is speaking up for Asian guys, then who will and when?

I already am fully aware I'm probably going to get a bunch of shit for making these videos but I can careless. I just want to do this to come to a conclusion. Since many people over the internet are less fearful of stating their opinion, then let's see what they have to say to this topic that hardly ever gets noticed unlike other interracial relationships do. Now don't get me wrong, I'm NOT only attracted or interested in Asian guys. Let me say that I love all colors of the rainbow . . . as long as you meet my standards. They aren't even that high to be honest. So please don't get that impression from me after watching this. I think I'll copy/paste this onto the description of the video cuz most likely someone's gunna attack me with that too. Well I can't please everyone :/ So anyway, I hope you guys enjoy the video. Man, my spring break is already almost over...WTF?! Gunna go cook up something in the kitchen so please leave a comment and rate this video if you feel the desire to do so :]


  1. I love it when people express ideas like this~ Especially around stereotypes!! I try my best not to follow them either...but sometimes I just catch myself doing it and feel bad in the end.

    Here's a cute video that [kinda??] goes with what you're saying...I think? It's just too I shares. :3

  2. I just saw that video. Was she supposed to be black though? It was precious and all but she looked Asian so I'm not sure where the saying at the ends ties into it or maybe I missed something idk.

    And yeah I agree. Everyone, including myself, stereotypes bc that's pretty much human nature to instantly judge someone based off of their outer appearance. But when you take it to a whole new level of treating somebody a certain way before getting to know them based off of one's judgments about that person that's when it's wrong imo.

  3. Yea I think she's Malaysian. There are a lot of native Asians who are prejudiced against dark skinned people, even if they're Asian. blah. Lots of the older generation in my family are like that...>.> So that's how the message at the end ties in to it.

    ...conclusion! Judging based off of appearance is poopy! >:[

  4. Ohhhh I see now. Aww now that is truly sweet! I was aware that Asians were prejudice against darker skinned Asians. It's pretty sad but that video was really inspirational and darn right cute! hehe! Thanks for sharing :D

  5. Those are asians that who didn't grow up with black people. My school has alot of Hatians, Jamacians, Africans and suchess and the asians fit right in. Matter-of-fact the Asians in my school are pretty dope and very cutee. We love them. I don't see why people discriminate. It's the 21st Century and we're all humans
    C'mon people


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