March 1, 2010

Gilly Hicks & Olive Garden

Two great combinations to incorporate into my weekend. Saturday I had absolutely no plans. I was probably going to end up finish watching the 2nd season of Vampire Knight since it was getting so good but then I realized no one on Youtube has episode 14 :( If anyone knows where they might have the rest of Vampire Knight GUILTY eps, leave a comment so that I'll know.

Then my friend Derric called and asked--pfft more like forced me to go shopping with him. I was gunna say no cuz I wanted to have a lazy day at home but then I thought why not. I can probably get something out of it. We went to a nice mall called Willowbend located in Plano, TX :D

(photo not taken by me) 
We got there and it looked really clean and nice. Surprisingly this mall doesn't have a theater but it compensates with all the good stores they have inside. We walked around just browsing in and out of stores (mostly the ones I wanted to go into bc I'm like that lol) then thankfully right before we were about to leave we saw this appealing entrance to this other store. It looked very similar to the entrance of a Ruehl store or kind of like Hollister for those who've never seen Ruehl.

The store was called Gilly Hicks and I've never been or even heard of it before in my life. Then we got there and the nice ladies explained to us that it was mainly a pantie and bra store (like Victoria Secret but w/o all the make up) and at first I thought okay let's leave bc I'm not about to spend $30 on one bra. But then I looked around and they actually had good deals! Well on their body fragrance at least.

I bought these for only $15 and they smell so lovely! Even thought I have way too many body fragrances to begin with, I couldn't resist. I will most likely be returning to that store again next time we pay another visit to Willow Bend. 'Twas so nice!

Then we got hungry and wanted to eat at a restaurant so we went to Olive Garden. There was a little wait but it could have been worse. I honestly had no clue what to try. I love Olive Garden so I pretty much will eat anything on their menu! In the end, I chose I think it was the Lasagna Classico and Zeppoli for my dessert. All of it was too filling but it was oh so good.

Derric got the Tour De Italy.

All in all, everything was pleasant this weekend. Only thing that kind of sucks is that my throat has been scratchy for that past 4 days and it's been progressively getting worse. Well, at least I get the pleasure of freaking people out with my astonishingly deep manish voice. I probably won't be super active till about Mid-April because of school and the play I'm in so don't expect a crap load of posts from me. Still leave me lots of love~


  1. Found your blog through Saramari`s post about you so I thought I should leave a comment :)

    You are super pretty and I am totally jealous that you were able to eat at Olive Garden. I really miss that restaurant! I live in Japan and unfortunately, they don`t have that chain over here :(

    I like your makeup posts, so I hope you post more or put up some tutorials. Looking forward to it!

  2. Thank you so much! Oh I plan on doing lots of make up tutorials :D I'm glad to hear you joined through her post! I love her blog so much.

    That's so cool that you live in Japan! I plan on living there for only a few months at a time but I'm not sure when. Sucks that they don't have Olive Garden there though :[ but I'm sure there's countless other awesome restaurants Japan has to offer, right?


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