March 25, 2010

Hair Vlog #1

This is how my hair looks like as of March 20, 2010. Idk why I didn't start this vlog earlier when I posted my hair journey post. Oh well, it's not like it's too late or anything :] My hair has been about this length for well over a year now and I have a feeling that it's because my hairdresser was too scissor happy with doing constant trims (used to be about ever 5-6 weeks) so I figured if I really want to see results for my hair growth I'm going to start getting trims once every six months. So twice a year, which is fine from what I read up on from a African American hair article. Of course I will be more careful with using heat appliances and start using deep conditioners more frequently since I'll be spacing the time out between trims and even dustings (trimming just the split ends you see on the spot). Also, I decided to start getting perms every 8-10 weeks instead of every 6. That way, I can save more money and it won't be as easy for my hair to be overprocessed bc there will be more regrowth to apply it to. Also, after buying EVOO (Extra Virgin Olive Oil) I've been putting it in my hair every other week and it really makes a large difference :D It gives it a healthier shine and a smooth texture. I just love the stuff!

I'll post hair vlog #2 April 20th (a month from now) hopefully if I remember haha! So I'll be doing these every month basically to see if I'm making any progress. Wish me luck and if anyone has any advice, tips, or just want to encourage me feel free to leave a comment :D Thanks!


  1. That is so good Crystallyed that you went to take care of your hair. I tram my hair every six month now so I can retain length. There this site out called HAIRLIST they have really good info on hair.

    here the link
    Good luck on your hair journey


  2. Well I guess the 3 top problems with African-Amercian girls and their hair is that
    (a) We style it like, everyday
    (b) Harsh chemicals [like relaxers and coloring (girls in my school dye their hair like, once a month)] and tight styles that tug at our roots
    (c) not enough moisture!
    My goal is to grow my hair to my waist. You can check my blog, I do alot of hair stuff []
    How did you get comparasion pics?
    Good luck!

  3. your hair looks sooo healthyy!!

    and yes i agree with Ivie, those are the main problems. but with some patience and care african american hair can grown very long and strong ^.^

    BTW: i nominated you for an award (check out my blog)

  4. Thank youf or the site recommendation Meka :D

    I usually try not to mess with my hair as much with any sort of style because doing that excessively isn't good for your hair. chemicals are terrible which is why i'm probably going to postpone dying my hair a few shades lighter until i know more about my hair type. moisture's always good. I oil my hair more than anything but I'm goiong back to moisturizing it and then sealing it with oil cuz too much oil can block moisture from hydrating your hair.

    idk what my goal is but it's definitely going to be on the area of my back, that's for sure :D

  5. No problem that site is good. sunny have a you tube channel also. About hair care.

    I really went to dye my hair but since my hair come out so bad in 2008 my sister friend told me NOT to put dye in it right now she said use Henna (make it seem like I will have red highlights when in the light) Are Rinse I am going to try henna. Yes are hair can grown long some people don't think we can grow are hair down are back. But I seen black girls with really long hair. So it is possible

  6. another good site that will help with your hair care journey is, it's amazing!


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