March 19, 2010

Somewhat scary news . . .

A few weeks ago I went to my eye doctor to get my new prescription for my contacts and found out some news that had me a bit concerned. Ever since I was 4, I had terrible vision. From what my old eye doctor told me, as I get older my eyes will stretch and cause my vision to continue to worsen. It's so bad that I'm not an eligible candidate for laser eye surgery anymore. When I went to expect to visit the same doctor I've had for several years, to my surprise there was a new young looking lady instead. After we did the regular tests, she told me it got worse but not drastically. Still, when I hear that nothing is ever improving, I feel a twinge of hopelessness.

She informed about some things my old eye doctor never once brought up or went more into depth about. One of the things were that the more my eyes grow longer as I age, there's a higher possibility of me getting a hole or a tear in my retina and if it completely gets detached I'll most likely be permanently blind if it's not taken care of within the following 2 hours of the incident. This can happen from any head injuries, car accidents, and so forth so she warned me to be very careful. Thing is, I know I'll be careful, but I can't say the same for the world around me. Scarier thought.

Another thing she told me was that wearing my contacts in all day was bad for my eyes because since I don't have breathable lenses, my eyes are basically suffocating causing blood vessels to grow further towards the middle of my eye which can cause permanent blindness. The way to get rid of them is to wear glasses after 8 hours of wearing them which I dreaded at the thought of but I'd rather wear thick hideous glasses for the rest of my life than go blind. Anything but going blind. I nearly fainted because on top of that she said it might take 10 to 15 years for them to go away so I'd be about 27 or 32 years old when they're completely gone! Good thing is she inspected them and said that I luckily don't have it bad at all so if I follow those rules the minor ones I have now should be gone within a year. Phew~

So for those of you circle lens lovers/addicts, now you know why it's a BAD idea to wear those things over 8 hours. Finally glad someone told me.

I know all of this sounds scary but this all was just explained to me within a few minutes at the eye doctors office and I felt really overwhelmed. My vision seems so much more fragile now than it ever has in my entire life and I appreciate being able to see my friends and family each and everyday of my life.

To brighten up the mood in this post, Monday I went to get pictures taken of my retina and get my glasses. Basically the only thing that was found slightly wrong with my eyes was a slight thin area on my right eye which my doctor assured me is nothing to fret too much about so I am very thankful I didn't hear anything like "You're going to be fully blind by the age of 20 so enjoy your vision while it lasts." The world as I knew it would have ended right there. Oh before I go, here's some pictures of my glasses. I was gunna take some with them on buuuuut I just look like a grandma and I don't want anyone to see that XD Maybe I'll leave that for another post.

Thanks for reading!


  1. OMG!! take care of yourself instead of being cutes!!

  2. Thanks for looking out :D
    I will fer sure. I'd much choose my sight over beauty any day!


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