March 6, 2010

Spring time is finally here :D

Technically, spring's already been here but it's starting to feel more like it outside as the days roll by. I was originally thinking of going shopping for a bunch of spring and summer clothes, but I think I just need a few after cleaning out my closet and finding all of these forgotten shirts and bottoms. The outfits I wanna start rocking are these I found on Cherry Pop.

Before, I wasn't too crazy about flower patterns at all on any of my clothes probably because it reminded me of boring old country people :P But now, I'm starting to really like them! I'm hoping I find really good deals since I am afterall on a budget.

Lately I've been noticing some bloggers posting up nail polish colors so I wanna join in and show you all this pale rose nude nail polish from Revlon.

I've have this for years but I never used it until now. Now I realize how gorgeous this color is! Especially with an O.P.I. nail polish base. I probably should have applied a second coat for my nails but the color still came out pretty well.

Before I go I'd like to thank Sara Mari for featuring me on Fashion Hime Friday. Don't know what it is? Check it out for yourself :]


  1. I was checking out the Liz Lisa collection today too on They've got a lot of cute stuff this season, and they did well to interpret the current Americana trend with country blouses and cowboy boots, but I wasn't overly keen. I was much more into the Tralala stuff this time round.

    Your nails look fab! The colour change is subtle yet it looks so much prettier than bare nails. +Extra credit on applying it so perfectly!! (O__O!)

  2. lol thanks i think i could have done a slightly better job but those things take practice.

    i do like Tralala's collection but I haven't really seen their recent spring items yet. Gotta look for that now haha!

  3. Helloooo~ I followed you through the Fashion Hime that Sari Mari did!! :]

    I used to be into floral prints back in the day and now that they're back, I'm pretty glad that I didn't throw the best ones out!! Can't wait until it gets a bit more like spring here so I can wear them!

    E> An

  4. Your nails came out really nice hun!

  5. I love Liz Lisa =3

    They sell really cute clothes.


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