March 7, 2010

Weekend fun with movies!

I'm always posting a lot during the weekends I've noticed haha! Can't help it I suppose since I have more time on my hands. Just wanna say I watched two movies. Legion (at the dollar movie theater) and of course, Alice in Wonderland *cues angelic music* This may contain some spoilers so don't read the reviews on the movies you don't wanna hear about until you see it for yourself ;3

I'm gunna start of with Legion. In the beginning I was a tad bit unsure of the meaning behind the story to begin with. I mean I knew it had to deal with an apocalypse sort of thing but I didn't know exactly where the angels and holiness tied in to it since everything turned to chaos. Anyway, I just looked at it as just a movie and not the real deal. It was good for the most part. I found a lot of the movie funny though. For some reason I tend to lmao when I see people getting their ass beat senseless even if it is quite gory. I would give it a 7.5 out of 10. Although I enjoyed it, I'm pretty glad I didn't spend more money to go watch it when it was still in regular theaters.

I think it's fair to say that this movie certainly did meet more than my expectations. Tim Burton did a fantastic job and I loved the animation, make up, costumes, Alice's many cute different dresses, and the overall story! There were several parts that I found absolutely hilarious but now that I'm looking back on it, I really do wish I went and watched it in 3-D. However, since this was one of those movies I don't mind seeing again I might just go and do that another time. I've always loved Disney's Alice in Wonderland and seeing Tim Burton make this film was a huge delight because the guy is a genius in his own unique way. And don't get me started on Johnny Depp. Dude was, as expected, brilliant! Every time I see him play a new role he always inspires me as an actor. He was still hot as the Mad Hatter xD Alice looked like a doll. She had that awkward beauty thing going on which I think was perfect for the part of Alice unlike the generic pretty girls at the scene of the engagement party. I give this movie a 10 out of 10!

I got so inspired that I decided to do this look based from Michelle Phan's Tim Burton make up video.



Here's my own version of the tutorial.

Apart from all of the movies I saw, I am really loving how I'm spending my weekends lately! I've been going out a lot more with my friends and still catching up on my sleep. Never mind the homework part, haha! Now I'm going to end this long post. Till then everyone!


  1. Kya!! I'm so excited to see Alice and your 10/10 pumped me up even more. I might wait a couple of weeks when I'll actually have time (x__o;; ) I'm really glad you enjoyed it so much!

    Oh wow, you 100% remind me of Helena Bonham Carter in those styled-up photos (she's one of my idols <3) Man, you look STUNNING!! I'm having major hair envy. Do you have extensions or is it all natural and how do you keep it lookin' so fresh? You gotta let me know how you maintain it, etc. (pwetty pwease!!) Hehe.

  2. OMMGGG YOUR MAKE UP LOOKS AMAZING!! =p and yes alice and wonderland and legion were both GREAT

  3. Aw thank you guys so much :D i'll have to look her up Charolette :D I have clip in extensions. i just brush it out with a weave brush which you can buy just about anywhere (walmart, hair beauty supply stores, etc) and it's milky way so it's not crappy synthetic quality haha

  4. I also saw Alice.
    Great movie. I love this cat haha <3

  5. Your make-up if wonderful. Love the outfit too. Great job!


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