April 12, 2010

AGBG Rant: Do Asian guys take Black girls seriously in relationships?

I know I'm pretty late on posting this but it's better to get this up rather than to not get it up at all (no dirty pun intended, i swear!)

Why is it that we can't be taken seriously in relationships? Even if you choose to go out with a black girl, the relationship doesn't last or hardly ever does it turn into marriage. Not saying it NEVER does bc we all know it happens, just once in a blue moon which isn't enough to satisfy me. Sorry. Of course this ties back into the stereotypes I talked about earlier. People think black women can't support themselves or be good mothers for whatever reason so I would come to think that's a huge part of the reason why Asian guys don't look at black women for serious relationships but just a booty call :P Let me just state, black females are probably one of the strongest race of women their is. You can argue this to the death with me if you want but that is how I truly feel from what I've seen throughout my life. There's strong women in every race obviously but I feel that black females have to struggle to be accepted with everyone else which is NOT easy. A lot of the time there's no father figure to help with the family so that adds more obstacles to face I mean there's simply too many factors to list that black females go through so the result of all that would be a strong independent loving mother, wife, and over all woman. Now what kind of man in their right sense would not want that? Just saying. My mother for example is a straight up BAMF and I love her to death bc of it. Also, I realize that throughout many Asian guy's lives they've been teased and constantly ridiculed by black people (varies for certain individuals obivously) which doesn't at all help the situation so it makes sense for them to stay away from black people in general but that's not fair to the small percentage of us that aren't like that.
Just saying, the shit ain't right. I'm out.


  1. I actually didn't watch or read everything to just wanna type this.
    Judging someone that harsh on their race is really messed up, VERY wrong & not to mention.
    Its who they are that makes them good or bad, not their skin color, race, anything.
    -insert extremely angry face here-

  2. i agree with you D!!! brahaha i need to watch your video nextt haha im at school so i cant!

  3. lol i'm basically saying the same thing in the video as I am in this blog.

  4. As a mixed race (mostly identifying with Black culture) woman living and working in Japan, I can def. agree with your vid. I think a large part of the problem has to do with the media and how we are viewed. So many ppl here know of only Beyonce and hiphop video girls, so kinda grow used to seeing us in that light.

    I have had some rude men approach me and ask "how much", meaning for sex or tell me that they can give me a visa to stay in the country--ummm I already have one, thanks! And I think it's pretty much stereotyped that we are loud, curvy, good cooks, and wild in bed.

    So needless to say, I haven't had much luck in the dating dept. Although that may be because I'm larger than most Japanese girls and I think Jmen like small women. Now I'm dating someone new who lived in the States for 11+years so he is in a totally different mindset than most Jguys. We will have to wait and see how this pans out tho.

  5. I have one Japanese male friend (known him for 4 years) and he prefers black women. He married an African woman, but she divorced him recently and his new gf is an American woman.

    But he is the only Japanese man I've met who takes black women seriously and treats them properly. As you said there are far far too few men like him.

  6. Torreganoalexis4/16/12, 1:06 PM

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