April 18, 2010

The Curious Savage weekend

Well idk if it's right to say "weekend" since technically opening night was Thursday but still it might as well be. And in case some of you forgot, this is about the play I auditioned for earlier and got a part. Hmm where do I begin? Okay I guess I'll start with the first day of the show.

Because it was a Thursday, not many folks showed up but the energy was still pretty high. It felt like a dress rehearsal but with 20-30 people watching us. It didn't go badly, I mean there were a few kinks here and there but there wasn't anything major that went wrong. Besides, with high school theater productions, it's hard to make any show go without absolutely any errors. That day, no one came to see me which was cool because I had people coming the next two nights anyway. I still gave it my absolute best regardless.

The next night went well. Can't remember if anything went really wrong so I'm guessing nothing did. My friends Kyle and Erika both came to watch that day which made me super excited for that performance :D By the end of the show, I came out and they saw me and said how great I did! I almost cried but I told myself I'd save that for the next day. And oh did the waterworks arrive the next day...

But before I go straight into the show of Saturday, I'm gunna explain why I was so upset on facebook to those that are curious, bc I know a few of you are and I appreciate the concern. What happened was wayyyyyyy back when I first found out that I got the part in this show I told one of my best friends that he should come see me. This was over 7 weeks ago and he said he would, without a doubt. I always talked about it with him because I took a lot of pride in being a huge part of this play since I earned my place in it all by myself. You'd think someone would understand that this was just as important as going to see someone's graduation or something by that alone but apparently some people are more dull than others. So the show came closer and closer and I reminded him a day before opening night and he told me he'd go to on Saturday. I thought we both were on the same page until Saturday came along and I heard no word from him ever since Wednesday. I was worried. Next thing I knew my sister calls him up asking if he's still even going (bc he's just as much best friends w/her as he is with me) while I'm in the room getting ready to head on over there and from the way Victoria is talking to him I instantly knew that he was not coming. Although I told him several weeks ago about this and he had time to save up, he still finds an excuse to not come. You wanna know what it was? He told her that he didn't have enough money (bs) and planned on hanging out with our other friends including a girl who I strongly dislike at the mall I live by which baffled me bc he hates going to that mall! And how are you going to go to a mall even though you're too broke to spend 6 bucks to see a play that's closer to your house? What kind of shit is that? But unfortunately, that's not the entire reason why I was so upset. It was the nonchalant attitude he had about the whole thing. He apparently didn't care that I was upset, hell, the whole thing sounded like he knew I was going to react this way and he amplified everything by being a total douche about it! I wish I never cried over that because I made him get the best of me even when I arrived at the school. And I hate crying in front of people, I just HATE it! But thankfully I got tons of people, both online and off, making me feel like everything was going to be okay. I was an emotional WRECK the entire day though! One moment I'd be happy, the next I'd be sad, then i'd be happy all over again ahaha! Not sure where these mood swings are coming from bc I don't really experience them, even during ttotm (hope you're quick enough to get that acronym).

After that episode of drama, I did my best to focus and think like my character, Ms.Willie. Unfortunately, because I knew my mother and sister were both in the audience that night, I messed up since I had the mind set of perfecting my character just to impress them. Plus, my nerves got the best of me. But of course, they didn't even notice which was good :] After the play ended, all the actors, guys too, began to bawl like babies! Majority of us were seniors so we all knew that this was the end of our journey in theater at Lewisville high school. I had flashbacks of freshmen year when I starred in my very first musical. It was High School Musical to be exact :D Haha! Then, Suessical. And Peter Pan. The Amazing Cheesy Alfredo. And now The Curious Savage. I knew I still had one more to go, but it still felt bittersweet. I wanted the show to end so badly during rehearsals and now that it's over, I want it back more than anything now! But that's life I guess. Anyway, I'm not done with acting in the least. I plan on taking what I've learned with me to continue growing as an actress and gaining more confidence along the way. DAMNIT I'm about to start crying again typing this T^T lol okay, okay here's pics and a video I quickly put together. Thanks for reading!


  1. Aww I remember my senior in high school and crying at the end of events. High school is great and college is better. Your pictures look great.

    I have learned guys get flakier with age. My best friend has completely disappear all in the name of chasing girls. Your best friend may come back around then again he may be like mine and not.

  2. Thank you! Yeah I think we'll end up talking about this soon. I just could not get over how rude it was for him to make up an excuse for something like this. I know he's done some messed up stuff in the past but this really topped it off for me.

  3. Ah! I was in Seussical my senior year of HS (as a bird girl). <33 Such a ridiculously fun show. Haha. Ans yes... senior year productions always have hysterics on closing night. ; 3;

    Anyway, greaatt job. o: You've an amazing cast, it looks like. And so sorry about your dbag 'friend' or whatever he should be called. :////


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