April 4, 2010

Easter weekend Part 1

Good Friday was indeed a good Friday! Well, I can't say I did anything religious like most people . . . in fact one could say I did the opposite but I'll just say I ended up going to hang out with a few friends and I did a few things that I've never done before however I have no regrets! Hey, you only have one life to live so no judging here! I'd spill the beans about exactly what happened that night, but I have no clue who reads my blog so heh heh in the effort to not get my ass in deep shit I'm moving on to Saturday ^ ^;

Ahhh yes. Saturday. It was a day to relax and rest from the previous night of intense madness! I decided to start my hair regimen by washing my hair without using any heat *DUN DUN DUN* O.O lol I know some of you girls are extremely dependent on heat in order to make your hair look presentable but if I want to be serious about this hair journey thing, I better cut heat entirely out of the picture. Well okay maybe not entirely but at least use it once in a blue moon. Anyway, I've been reading up so much helpful advice on hairlista.com and I've learned a great deal just from last week alone! Anyway back to Saturday, I washed my hair and ended up feeling happy with the results from using "the scarf method" to get my hair straight without applying any heat along with my own personal way of wrapping my hair that night.

Also, lucky me got to watch Why I Got Married Too? with my bestest movie watching partner, Vicky! My sister. Before I say this, I just wanna state that majority of the movies I watch in the theater, I end up loving! I think the reason behind that is because I don't critic movies too harshly. Plus, I hate hearing people take every detail of a movie and say that it sucked when they're missing the bigger picture so don't take my review too seriously. I thought Tyler Perry did a fantastic job with this film! I felt that all the actors were as good as they were in the first movie however, Janet Jackson did a phenomenal job portraying a broken wife, or as some would say a woman who has clearly lost it! Perhaps it had something to do with her brother, Michael (RIP<3), dying not too long before they began to film this movie. *SPOILER ALERT - sry but I have to say this* Only thing that had me a bit disappointed from the movie was the way it ended. I was so saaaaaaaaaaad to see that Gavin died the way he did and Janet ended up falling for The Rock. WTF? THE ROCK? Why the hell did he suddenly pop up outta no where in this movie? It made no sense :X I wanted there to be a happy ending. Shit, at least make him be paralyzed but don't kill off his character, GOD! I nearly cried. It was simply too much, but I digress. *SPOILER END*

I give the movie a 9 outta 10 because I cried, I laughed, I got pissed off, and I cried some more. It's worth watching, imo. Here's some movie stills I edited myself. You might find them quite amusing :]

Now that was fun wasn't it? lol I might do more of these later on down the road. Till then!


  1. me and my mom tried to go see this, but it was SOLD OUT EVERYWHERE!!

    guess thats what you get for living in the city DX

  2. lol that sucks. you still should try catching it this weekend. you both will love it!


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