April 6, 2010

Easter Weekend Part 2

Sunday came rolling along and I went to mass at this fantastic Baptist church not too far from where I live and really enjoyed the atmosphere! After that, we went to go to buy my mom an mp3 player which results me in having to school her on her new gadget. She's not too quick when it comes to technology so you can imagine how hard it is for me :( Plus right after that we went down to the metropcs store to buy new phones and we all, being my mom, Vicky, and myself, got the Samsung Caliber. I can overlook having to help her every 5 seconds in order to get this phone because:

1) I hated my old one! I've had it for four years!
2) This phone had really reviews when I last checked

This is my baby<3 I wish they had a lighter pink case but it's all good. I plan on having this be my first deco den project. When that time comes, I will be posting pics :D The features are awesome, the widgets are great, everything is what I've always wanted in a phone! Only thing is, since it's a full touch screen, I can't feel the buttons when I texts which removes my ability to text without looking at my phone :( But it's no big deal. I still loves it! It's quite sad how attached my generation is to technology but damn, it's so hard to kick I can't help myself especially when I get my grubby little hands on something like this!

So after we got our phones, we went to my favorite Chinese restaurant and pigged out :] Then we went home and fiddled with our phones some more ^ ^ I also had some yummy sweets.

lol that heap of chocolate mess was called a "Birds Nest" and it was previously melted because my mom left it out but i still ate that mofo up! Haha what a good weekend! It' was unfortunately one of the last long ones I'll have for a while until late May then it'll be Summer from what I've been told. Makes me sad. But I made the best out of this one so that's all that matters!


  1. omg cute phone! like the color :D
    I hope u visit my blog :D http://gyaruglamourgal.blogspot.com/

  2. That good you had a good weekend =). before you know it, it will be time for you to walk across that stage I say let this summer be one where you can can remember.


  3. thanks emi!

    & you're right Meka. The process of getting there when it's soooo close is taking it's sweet old time that's all. it's driving me nuts! anyway, i plan on going out with a bang like most people :D i gotta travel over the summer to places i've bren meaning to go visit.

  4. your new phone is greatt! : )


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