April 27, 2010

Prom Hair ideas

So prom is coming up. I already bought my dress for it but I still am unsure of how I should wear my hair that day. I'm thinking I should do a blend of dark brown and light brown highlights to define the curls because you better believe I'm going in tons of curls! I know they'll fall out by the end of the night but idrc :/ straight hair seems too casual for this night and I've been dreaming of looking like a princess with luscious, long, voluminous hair! Hmm, let's take a look at some of the styles I'm thinking of getting in a descending order from what I like the least to the most . . .

This side style is actually a wig piece XD but still, it's super cute! Thing is, it might be a bit much . . .

Both of these hairstyles are just fucking cute. However, I want some straight edge bangs.

Number 2 is so lovely! I would probably replace it when a tiara though but again, I might be looked at as being too "over-the-top". Same goes for 3 but I feel it's more toned down than the number 6.

This one just seems so right for the look I'm trying to achieve. I'm really liking this one!

So, which one should I go with? My hairdresser is good enough to get these looks down for me so the sky is the limit in that department. But, I was planning on getting Remy hair extensions which would have been PERFECT! Sadly, my mom said that I was starting to ask for too much so I'll just end up probably getting Milky Way like I usually do which is no biggie but still . . . *pouts and mutters like a child* Remy would have been nice :(

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