April 22, 2010

@^&%*$*# Time To Vent #1 - Dumb fucks who think everyone is "equal"

I'm tired of saying in every angry post I make that "This is me ranting or venting blah blah blah" so instead, I'll just dedicate a little series titled TTV (Time To Vent) so that those of you who don't wanna read about the many things that upset me can simply pass these ones on by. This is also extremely therapeutic for me so I need to let it all out. Thank you!
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I am losing my patience with stupid ass people that go to my school. I really am. I think I should just not say anything anymore to anybody in class unless I'm only speaking to a friend or asking my teacher a question because it's like whatever I say gets taken the wrong way, and as a result I get all this unnecessary anger unleashed out on me which mind you is so incomparable to mine that I keep well hidden but still, wtf? I don't deserve that! Let me begin with what happened yesterday.

We were in Government talking about different organizations in the US and my teacher, Mrs. Aguirre, was going down a list of them and then she said the NAACP.This fuck tard asks her what it was. She explains to him and he wonders why blacks need to have such a group. Then another student who thinks his opinions are right and everyone else is wrong, states everything is equal. BULL! I of course exclaimed that things aren't entirely equal and we ended up getting into a mini debate until I said that I would go more into the topic if I had more time so Mrs. Aguirre said that we will continue it the next day after we take our test. So, the next day came and I nearly forgot about the whole bit until Mrs. Aguirre brings it up after everyone was done with their test. She says EVERYTHING I wanted to say thank God because if it were not for her, I would have had absolutely no backup whatsoever in that argument. The sad part is, there were four other black students in that class but they mainly just sat back and didn't partake in the argument for only God-knows-why when I clearly needed the help to defend African Americans. Hell, I'm Nigerian and I still felt obliged to speak up because the shit they were saying!

Things that were said was along the lines of because we have a Black president, things are A-Okay now! Or, Black people discriminate against White people too! WTF? Nobody ever said that they didn't, where the fuck did that statement even come from? I also hated how I gave the other people time to say whatever they had to say but when I spoke I was constantly interrupted > :X But that's not what mainly got me upset. When other people were stating their opinions, this guy goes on a rampage about how stupid it is for blacks to constantly think that they are being discriminated against. I for one, cannot stand it when I see situations of blacks accusing someone of racism when it probably is an issue with themselves. But he then says, "ALL BLACK PEOPLE ARE IGNORANT, AND THAT'S A FACT!"

I expected it to be heated but not so much to a degree for it to get to this point. It was funny how as soon as he said that some of the other black students started actually listening and attempted to fight back by saying, "Okay fool, you took it too far." Uhm, where the HELL were you when I was taking all the punches earlier and when I really could have used some back up instead of having the Caucasian teacher defend me, huh? Punk asses. Anyway, after he said that, I said he was a fucking retard in class regardless of whether Mrs. Aguirre heard me or not which I rarely ever do! We ended up ending the discussion with her giving another powerful lecture about how we as a country have come a long way however racism still is very existent. I love that woman! I never thought I'd say that either.

I told my friends and family about what happened just cuz if I didn't share this with anyone I would have lost my sanity and when I got home I took a nap, woke up and could NOT find my glasses for like 8 minutes! & if you know me know me, you'd know how I get when I lose really important things...fucking psycho! But I found them. I just want it to be Friday already. I'm hating every minute of this day. I wish summer was here already. But this helped a little. I know I'm still probably going to here more dumb crap about this argument tomorrow in that same class except this time, I'm staying silent.


  1. Wow things like that never happen in my school.
    my school is made up of like 90% African Americans. but if it did im pretty sure other
    African Americans students wouldnt have just sat there and not said anything.

  2. Dude I know exactly how you feel. I would've backed you up if I was there as well. I feel like lately I've been being way misinterpreted and It's been making for one agitating hell of a month for that matter. You have the best thing in mind though so just keep on keeping on by yourself. <3

  3. @Starrla: You'd think the loud mouthed girl would speak up, but she didn't say a word on the issue. It drove me nuts. I don't know what to expect tomorrow but I swear I am keeping to myself just to make sure I don't strangle anybody.

    @radzzjoiious: lol I believe you would have. I don't care how many times they try and make me feel like I'm wrong and they're right. My opinion on the matter is not shifting. plus what people fail to realize is that a lot of the things we feel comes from past experiences so what one may feel about a certain situation may be entirely different to another person due to different experiences if that makes sense.

  4. Wow, that would get me pissed too. You don't want to say anything but now when he says all black people it's a fact, you want to talk. How stupid! It does bother me that whenever something happens to a black person, they scream racism and many blacks are racists and ignorant. That doesn't mean we all are and that does not mean that's a fact. The fact that he said that makes him ignorant so should I say he's black now? How stupid! Even in my school which is mixed with Africans, Jamacian, Haitians, Hispanis and Asains, there's alot of black on black racism with the Jamacians and Hatians. And it's so stupid because I'm like, your both West Indies, shut up. And for some reason, guys insult each other by calling each other "Africans". I'm just like, what the hell is that supposed to mean. I don't say anything because if I did, I would shut it down. It's just so stupid how naive people can be. The world isn't painted in black and white.

  5. I'm really sorry to hear that you had to experience a situation like that. I study social science in school, so human rights is something my classmates know alot about. But I think the majority of white Americans really know nothing and don't understand the social structures that keep certain people higher and others lower.

    Anyway, I'm glad to hear you stood up for yourself.

  6. Oh Me Gee. Girl if i was in your class i would have flipped out. You handled it maturely untill the end but he deserved it.

  7. @Ivie: I definitely understand where you're coming from. Yes, there are several black people who are just as racist as a KKK member themselves but they're telling me it's okay to be because they're black? Fuck no! Racism is wrong regardless of what side it's on! It's hatred and that's no way to end this problem of discrimination. As for the African thing, I get that sometimes to because I am Nigerian and black people have asked me in the past if I used to chase cheetahs in Africa. Black people asked me these things. It's just sad how people are and it's even more so when there is really no changing them.

    @さらまり: I totally agree. Thankfully there are some out there that do know about the differences and challenges minorities these days have to face just because of our ethnicity or nationality and think it's a great injustice.

    @ViVi: Haha I know but I lost it! He was lucky I wasn't a dude bc I would have threatened to kick his ass after school or something XD hahaha jk jk but still...it would have been nice!


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