April 10, 2010

Updating + Newly release MV's that I love!

Hi guys! It has been a mighty crazy week and a super dreadfully long one at that but thank God it's the weekend.  I'm really busy with the play I'm in more than anything at this point because our opening night is next Thursday which means we only have 3 more rehearsals to perfect everything we possible can. Does it scare me? A little. I mean, I feel like I'm making lots of progress with my character. Even my director said that my volume improves each and every day I come to rehearsal :D Trust me, I almost did the splits when I heard that ^ ^ Besides that, there's a crap load of things coming up Senior wise such as prom, rosecutting, senior picnic, and a shit load more I'm forgetting but man. It's all making me spend too much money! Haha! That's what's going on with me atm. I'm too tired to make awesome vids and I was planning on uploading my other AGBG video up yesterday but that didn't happen since I got home a 3 in the morning so I'll just leave that for later today or tomorrow. Anyway, to make up for the lack of "stuff" I'm spewing out to you guys, take a look at these videos below that I've bumped across on the internet this week. I love them sooooo much! Especially Perfume's new mv XD so fucking cute~

I might learn the dance later, idk yet.

I've always loved Lee Hyori. So glad she's back in the music scene ^ ^ Not sure if she ever really did leave but I haven't heard much about her till I watched this video and saw the release date.

This is not an mv obvoiusly haha but it's a dance i wanna learn soon. I didn't wanna give it away but dammit I couldn't help posting this up bc it's so darn cute and i wanted to know what you guys thought. Can you see me getting this dance down?


  1. Hey hey :) Nice to meet you! You have a really cute blog! Hih~ I'm a fan of Hyori to <3 She's so gorgeous! And i'm glad she's ''back too'' as she's been doin allot of tv shows and stuff and put the music aside! Glad she's back!

    Perfume are awesome to btw <3 :)

    Keep it up! Huggles*

  2. I'm gyaru interested too! Feel free to visit my blog to on http://aweedee.blogspot.com!



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