May 2, 2010

Movie reviews: KICK-ASS + Nightmare on Elm Street (Major spoilers)

Last week I went to go watch KICK-ASS on Sunday and it was well worth my money! There was so much action, gore, and comedy I didn't find myself bored at all! I can say that I wasn't even too sure what the movie was going to be fully about judging from the trailers but I'm glad that I didn't really know too much about it because I found it way better that way since I ended up getting surprised from unexpected twists. I don't think that the main character's friends were necessary though. I mean, they were funny but I think the plot could have done without them in the mix...they were just there. & the romance between the main character and that other chick wasn't at all sweet to me. It seemed purely lustful and it's been like that with a lot of movies for a long while now except for those mushy chick-flicks that I will never pay my own money to watch. It was funny because the whole time we were watching people get sliced up, shot, and brutally murdered me and my friends were cracking up XD We were the only ones so we looked pretty sadistic but it was hilarious how they got killed, we could not help ourselves! It was so intensely amusing. I thought the whole concept of the movie was pretty good and the ending was obviously saying there will be a sequel lol! I'm hoping so, and even more that it's not a crappy one. I give this movie a 9/10 :D

Nightmare on Elm Street to me, was pretty fucking scary! lol i know a bunch of people are saying it sucked and  so on and so forth but this movie made me have to get up and use the bathroom before I went on myself and I don't EVER do that during any kind of movie so that's saying something XD Freddie's voice was definitely freaky yet unusually . . . arousing O.o LMAO! I know that sounds weird but it kinda was at one point and then it quickly died as soon as I realized how much of a maniac I was for even thinking it. Not to mention that it was the scene where he tried to talk "dirty" to Nancy while she was pinned back on the bed by . . . invisible arms? lol, WTF? I need to see a therapist, no joke. Moving on with the review, I can't completely compare it to the original movie since I vaguely remember seeing it but I don't ever remember Freddie's voice sounding this unbelievably scary before which makes me feel that this version beats the original by a tinsy tiny bit. However, the ending was so stupid I actually got pretty mad at how lazy they got by just abruptly ending it with Nancy's mom getting pulled into the mirror by Freddie and Nancy just screaming and it ending there. The hell? I mean I know there probably wasn't much more they could have added to the ending but still . . . I felt cheated. I can't stand it when scary movies do that cuz it's like, the entire movie is great and you expect the ending to go out with a bang but instead it goes out with a punk ass fart! Uhm....yeah fart was the only word I could come up with, sry. But really, that made me so angry > < Anyway, besides that I felt it was worth watching especially if you're going on a date  ^ ^ I give this movie a 8/10

I'll leave you all with these pics of my own little touch . .. . thanks for reading!


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