May 29, 2010

Prom La Vie En Rouge 2010

Just so you guys know, I've been bad at keeping up with this blog...tumblr has taken over! lol but I'll be posting here now more often since school's coming to an end. So sorry for the deadness.

Prom for me turned out to be a huge success! So happy everything went rather well. This was my first prom since I thought going my junior year would have been lame but now I wish I went last year because it was just too much fun! I got to dance with all of my favorite people which is definitely something I will never forget for yeras and years to come. I can't believe it's already over. It's kind of depressing because now the next thing I have to really look forward to is graduation which I am so not ready for T^T

Unfortunately I took pics but not a whole lot because I kept getting distracted and I felt somewhat handicapped from having fun by making sure I had my camera on me at all times so it didn't get stolen and we were made very clear that they do get stolen every year so i did not wanna take that risk! Here's a batch of pics I'm just gunna throw at you guys that I actually did take...too lazy to do a self intro on all of them.

I bought my dress from JCPenny's for only $79 and it was originally $200 so I thought I got a pretty good deal. & I sure as hell was not about to pay a trillion dollars on my dress that I probably won't even wear much again. Thank goodness I didn't because by the end of the night I had red lip gloss stains all over it because the stupid tube was seeping out when I didn't realize it :[ If I could change one thing about the dress though, it probably would have been the length. Every five seconds I would find myself bunching up the bottom of the dress to move so I wouldn't trip or people wouldn't walk on it so I'm sure you can imagine how hard it was for me to dance with the damn thing. It was a gorgeous dress, but definitely gave me an extra workout :P

The food was nice too! It was some chicken with some sort of filling in it and pasta with cheesecake as a dessert. Each time i look at these pictures I wish I could have ate more :(

As for our ride, we rode in my sister's car because, again, money was short. Plus, I didn't find it necessary to have an extravagant ride. It would have been cool but it sure as hell was not my top priority. I just wanted to get to prom and back, safely! As for our after party . . . I wouldn't call it an after party. It was more like a mini road trip to Oklahoma which is 45 minutes away. It would have been awesome to do that if I wasn't shit tired and on top of that sick w/some sort of nasty cold, but I was both so ehhh it wasn't awesome at all. To be honest, I didn't even want to go. I wish I just went straight home XD haha call me a loser but the way I felt later that morning was so horrendous I should have just stayed went to bed! We came back around 5am and went to IHOP then went back to my friend Amanda's house, slept (or at least tried to) then went home around 10am. It was a mess but besides that, I still had fun with everyone. I wish I could do it all over again...the fun parts only of course :] Everything else can go blow up somewhere because there were certainly moments that I do not want to relive ever! I think that just about wraps prom up for me. Thanks for reading guys :D

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