May 7, 2010

Update on life: Dallas gyarusa, Tumblr, Prom make up

Hi guys! It has been so hectic around here lately @ . @ Let's see, there's tons of prom stuff to worry about, then that play that's going on next week that I gotta get ready for, then I got to try passing all my classes so i can graduate which isn't too hard but still it includes some amount of effort, then you got that crush. Yeah, I hate myself for crushing on someone at a time like this but we all know how that goes. Then friends who aren't talking to other friends atm over stupid stuff, next to all the crap my mom is having me do on the side with her adult friends and i don't see why bc it's not like I'm their age group but w/e...they're nice ladies with really adorable kids who I get to spoil ^ ^ And I guess that's it really. It just feels like madness right now. I got so much on my mind > <

But before I talk about anything else, I just wanted to say that my friend Jazmine and I are hoping to get together some people who are interested in being apart of a new galsa in the Dallas area perhaps over the summer. I made this video about it in case any of you missed it.

I'm hoping we actually find people who are willing to do this with us. Even if we end up not getting much feedback, we can always just stick to a nagosa for now until we get more exposure or something. I've just always wanted to be apart of a gyaru circle full of people who are willing to help each other gain a better sense of the gyaru fashion, share or discuss the latest trends, talk about where to shop locally for gyaru items and so forth. So if you're interested, just comment below, msg me on facebook or e-mail :D

Btw. A while ago I asked people on my facebook if I should get a tumblr, formspring, or twitter. Well I ended up getting a tumblr only. I wanted to also get a twitter but because I previously had a twitter account that I deleted with the e-mail I normally use for all my logins, it won't let me use that same e-mail address which sucks cuz I really don't want to create a new e-mail just for the sake of Twitter, y'know? It's a bit of a hassle. I might do it over the summer but as of now I'm sticking to just using tumblr. As for formspring, I might end up getting one one of these days but I can see myself not liking it so much since I'll probably have a butt load of ppl talking smack on there like they ususallly do on people's formspring. I know I can make it not be anonymous but still :/ Well, I'll see.

& lastly, here's a practice eye make up look I might be doing for prom.

I saw this girl's youtube video on it and it seemed subtle enough for me to wear but still is elegant for prom. I'm also going to wear falsies that have clear rhinestones on them...well I may if it doesn't look off. I ordered them online a few days ago so hopefully they won't jack up the entire look. That's all I have for tonight guys. ttyl!


  1. I love the make-up!! So much glitter *_*!! I wish I looked as good in glitter and shimmer ♥♥

  2. Just found your blog!

    Love the gold eyeshadow in the middle of your lid--it really makes your eyes pop! You are so pretty.

    Hana @ Finding Tokyo


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