June 1, 2010

Another day at H-Mart

*Rises from the dead* Cheese Louis it has been quite some time since I last wrote on here now hasn't it? Sorry it took me ages to update. As some of you already know, I just finished being apart of my last high school play production which went rather well compared to how I expected it. Unfortunately for us, the actors didn't get any of the food that was being served which I thought was extremely unfair but it's whatever. I probably would have thrown it all up anyway because of my nerves. If you want to see the pictures, you can always check them out on my facebook photo album labeled "Theatreness" . . . real original ain't it? Ha! I'm too lazy to post them here too. Besides all that, things have just been chaotic as of late, so I haven't had the time to post on here like I used to before. But now that the worse part is over, I can try to begin again, yes? First off, just wanna say hi to my new followers. Sorry it's been so dead > < To make up for it, I'll tell you all how my weekend went :D I wanted to go watch Iron Man 2 with my sister Sunday but instead I decided to go hang out with some of my other friends at one of my most favoritest place in the world. Yes, that would be H-Mart, lol again XD It's really strange how each time I go over there it's with them. We had lots of fun and we ended up staying out longer than I had expected.

We got some sushi, of course, and it was so deelish! I haven't had some in so long either. Then we went to this lovely bakery that was in the same strip mall called Mozart.

They sell bubble tea and tons of cute baked goods, like cheesecake decorated with fruits and frosting and gahhhhh just yummy goodness! Wish I took a picture of at least one pastrie but they might have told me no photography like last time so I'll just leave that up to your imagination. We all got the white chocolate latte bubble tea which certainly did my body good.

We sat at "the gangster booth" as my friend Katherine put it because of all the graffiti and vandalism on the wall, table, and even ceiling so that I guess . . . well, we could look cool :D Haha! No not really but we wanted to contribute to the heap of autographs that nobody cares about and shout outs that were already there. Here's what I wrote . . .

lol if you want to understand why I wrote that last one, click this link to see wth I was talking about XD too funny! I bought some earrings for only 99 cents at this one store too and they're so cute! I was blown away at how cheap they were.

& I musn't forget how heavenly this soda was. I'd exchange it for a Sprite any day and if you really know me, you'd know how much I loooooove me some nice cold Sprite so that's saying something. All in all, I had fun with my girls. Definitely plan on doing it again sometime soon :]

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