June 16, 2010

No more high schoooooool!

That's right! I've finally graduated :D Got my diploma and walked across the stage with my head held high! So damned relieved it's over. I honestly didn't even get all emotional like I expected to. But I'm kind of glad I didn't. I wanted it to be a happy day. Not one full of tears...even if they were of joy cuz I know once you get me going I won't be able to stop TAT

The ceremony was nice but waiting for it to start was such a pain in the behind! All the seniors were waiting outside in the hot smoldering heat and this was around 12pm which is usually the hottest fucking time of the day! WTF?! My make up was melted beyond recognition but my friends kept saying I looked fine so I just ignored it. But it didn't help that my high heels were digging into the grass each time I walked >:X I hate when that happens! We eventually started going inside the building and lining up in our rows until I started to feel very faint. I occasionally get these waves of nausea, fatigue, and just plan tiredness when either I'm dehydrated, didn't get enough to eat, or have been exposed to the heat for a long duration of time. Did I mention I think I'm anemic? My iron is always low so I kept having to sit down on the floor and I know I got tons of looks with everyone else standing around me but I truly could not give a rats ass. The room was spinning and my head started to feel really light and I doubt that they were giving out water to anyone so I was screwed!

Luckily for me we began to move before I could actually passed out and we sat down once we got to the stadium so I ended up feeling much better :3 After hearing loud families, left and right, holler for their relatives graduating the ceremony finally began. It kind of went by in a daze. I just wanted to hear my name and be done with it because I was so hungry and thirsty and I felt gross because of my sweaty back and neck. No one was smelling fresh in that stadium -___- Which reminds me, I would be the one so lucky enough to sit next to a guy who's breathe could knock out a pro wrestler in less than 2 seconds! It was Godawful and I wanted to scream at him for not knowing any better to at least brush his teeth the morning of graduation! My goodness, I still remember how it smelt.

After it was over, we walked out and everyone started to look for their families. Thing was, nobody in the graduating class was allowed to carry their cells or anything else into the stadium so it made it difficult for people to find each other especially if you didn't know the area. Guess who didn't quite know the area? heh heh. It took me approximately 45 minutes to find my people! & in that heat I was growing more and more furious at the situation. I just wanted to eat and go home! At last, I spotted out my sister, we went in the car, and drove the a Chinese buffet restaurant and pigged out like there was no tomorrow. I didn't get hundreds of dollars worth of graduation money like a lot of other people did but I did get a $30 gift card for Target from my mom's friend, a pretty bouquet of flowers from my friend Tam, and congratuation cards from my mom and sister :D All of which I was very thankful for! Not to mention all the people who gave me shout outs on facebook. You guys are so sweet! I would post pictures of me in my graduation gown but my sister never took them because she was having trouble with the camera :( It's no biggie though. My mom said she might order them from the photographers. I might post them on here...we'll see. Well I'm gunna go hang out with some friends at Pizza Hut then go to Roses house<3

Bai bai nao~


Idk if anyone's noticed, but I'm really feelin Drake now for some reason. He's just amazing! Okay bye!

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