June 11, 2010

Wedding + Thank you!

Before I talk about the wedding I went to yesterday, I would like to say thank you so much to every single person who have, and still are, showing me love on my entry of feeling down about me not fulfilling gyaru lifestyle. I don't know how much I can say thank you for all of your kind and thoughtful words. It truly means a lot to me that that many people cared! A special thanks to HANA for taking the time to link the post to her blog :] I greatly appreciate it guys! & I will definitely do my best to continue being gal to the fullest, but of course I will take baby steps. Just know that you all are my reason for not giving up!

Onto the wedding! One of my sister's old high school friends invited us to a wedding not too long ago and we thought, what the heck? let's just go and show our support! I didn't really know much about the bride let alone the groom but I did know there would be food and that's all I really cared about! The card invitation said we should be there at 5:30, so we ended up finally finding the place but nobody was there. It was the reception hall. The dj told us that they were still getting married and we were like wtf? The card didn't tell us anything about where the actual wedding would be, we just assumed that that would be for mainly the family and the friends would show up at the reception hall. So we went and looked for this place and thankfully it wasn't too far from where we already were. It was being held near this pretty lake over a bridge right under a gazimbo looking thing. I took pics!

Look at the ducky! o(^ ^  )o Unfortunately we got there right after they were wedded husband and wife so people were already starting to head over to the reception hall where we just came from. We drove back and had a seat. It was nicely decorated too! Orange, neutral, nd very calming colors and the lighting was perfect!

We had food (duh lol). I mostly ate the mashed potatos and the chicken. & then there was the cakes! Ohhhh how yummy they were.

Yeah. Be jealous! XD hahaha! I love how the top two straberries were decorated as the bride and the groom ^ ^ & it was so de-freaking-licious! I love chocolate covered strawberries. Sadly, we had to leave a little early since my mom had to go to work later on that night and she was our ride home so we ended up leaving but I got a yummy gift bag that had chocolate treats and I got a big ass orange lolipop!

That was about it though. I'm going to another wedding later on this month, which I believe I've already said before so I'm excited for that! It's gunna be so much fun!


  1. Oooh I love weddings ♥ and that wedding looks gorgeous and the theme ♥ ♥ ♥ You look a little bored but I hope you had fun ♥

  2. That choclate strawberry cake looks unbelievably fantastic.

  3. @Emmelie: lol i was a bit because i didn't know anyone there.

    @Tracie: that's exactly why I went for that one first! Lord knows how much I love strawberries :9 so deelish!

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